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About Kristin Centorcelli (Editor in Chief):
twitter1I’ve has been blogging about books since 2010. My TBR still threatens to take over the block.

I am also Associate Editor at SF Signal (a Hugo Award winning site), review for Library Journal  and Publisher’s Weekly, and have written for Crime Fiction Lover, Criminal Element, and Mystery Scene Magazine.

I’ve been blurbed quite a few times, and have had interviews with Kathleen Kent and William Shaw published in the Reader’s Guide of their books, THE OUTCASTS and SHE’S LEAVING HOME (both from Little, Brown/Mulholland)

**I am also the winner of the Team Robot Blogger Award for 2013, given out by the wonderful folks at Angry Robot Books, which was pretty darn cool:)

Contact: mybookishways at yahoo dot com OR mybookishways at gmail dot com

angel2About Angel Luis Colón:
Angel Luis Colón‘s short fiction has appeared in All Due Respect, Out of The Gutter, Revolt Daily, Shotgun Honey, and Thuglit. His debut novella, ‘The Fury of Blacky Jaguar‘ is due out this Summer from One Eye Press. For more, visit angelluiscolon.com.

Angel reviews mystery and suspense.

About Amanda:
The best word to describe Amanda K. Byrne’s literary taste is eclectic. She writes romance, reads pretty much everything, and would trip over her own tongue if she ever met Tana French. You can usually find her hanging out on Twitter, where she talks about books, writing, and curses frequently.

Amanda reviews mystery and suspense.

bethAbout Beth:
Beth Cummings self-identifies as a biblioholic. In fact, her to-be-read pile continues to grow at an astounding rate. When asked about her favorite books, she tends to struggle with an answer because “there are just so many good ones out there”. Seriously – her idea of the worst nightmare EVER would be having no choice but to pick just one. The stress alone might just do her in. While she reads a little less than in years past (having a teenager and a gymnast in the house will do that to you), she still feels a compulsion to snap up good books because…SOMEDAY.

Beth reviews SFF and Horror

justinAbout Justin:
Justin Howe is a product of late 20th century New England. An avid reader, he’s written reviews for Strange Horizons, Innsmouth Free Press, and Tor.com. His fiction has appeared in Beneath Ceaseless Skies, Crossed Genres, and elsewhere. You can read his intermittently updated blog or follow him on Twitter .

Justin reviews SFF and Horror


If you’d like to send me, Angel, Amanda, Beth or Justin something to review, please note that on this site, I only cover SFF, suspense, and horror. Feel free to send me a pitch at mybookishways at yahoo dot com or mybookishways at gmail dot com. Due to high volume, I only reply to those I accept, but please don’t let that discourage you from contacting me in the future.

Before you email, however, please note that I don’t accept self published books at this time.

In the interest of full disclosure, I use Amazon buy links, and minimal ads, which provide a teeny bit of income for the site, so when you click on a book and it goes to Amazon, I’ll get a very small amount of commission. This also helps to offset the cost of shipping for giveaways. I also may get a small amount for book related ads.

***I hope you like the site and hang around, comment, discuss, and all that good stuff, but please, please don’t copy my work. I work rather hard on it, and don’t get paid, so please respect that. If you like something, and would like to include it on another blog/site/etc., all I ask is that you credit the material to me with a link or shout-out. Thank ya!!

Stat stuff: The blog has been active since Dec. 2010, and I get about (on average) 110,000 Pageviews per month and 15,000 Unique Visitors, if you’re curious about that sort of thing.

I read a ton of books on a yearly basis, and My Bookish Ways is a place to recommend and feature my favorites. If I don’t have anything nice to say about a book, or if I can’t finish a book, I won’t post a review (because, most likely, I didn’t finish it, and I don’t think it’s fair to review a book that I didn’t finish.) Also, I like to focus on the positive here at My Bookish Ways.

I DO try to read books in a timely manner and maintain my own review schedule according to release date, etc, and will always do my best to get reviews posted to coincide with those dates. However, I’m only one person, and things come up, but I do try to do my best.

Boring Legal Stuff:

*DISCLAIMER (my own): All reviews are my own opinion. I DO NOT get compensated for doing this. I do it to connect with other readers and authors and as a way to get through a TBR pile that’s threatening to take over my house and possibly half of my block. I do receive books from authors and publishers in return for honest coverage. Getting a book from an author or publisher does not affect my review in any way.

I do use affiliate links, but any money I make off of this usually adds up to such a small amount it wouldn’t feed a hamster for a day, however, I remain hopeful that it may someday help with site upkeep.

(Official)FTC Disclaimer: In accordance with the new FTC Guidelines for blogging and endorsements, My Bookish Ways would like you to know that while I do purchase my own books for review, you can assume that most books reviewed here at My Bookish Ways were sent to me by the publisher or author.  As always, receiving a book from a publisher or author in no way guarantees a review, and I will always give my honest opinion about  a book.

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