Read This: Infinity Bell (House Immortal #2 by Devon Monk (+ Giveaway)

Infinity Bell by Devon Monk (Roc, March 3rd, 2015-Some shocking things happened at the end of House Immortal which I’m not going to tell you about, because it would spoil it, but I will tell you that Matilda “Tilly” Case is on the run with her brother Quentin and Abraham (Galvanized, immortal, and injured), and… Read more »


INTERVIEW (and Giveaway): Dennis O’Flaherty, author of The King of the Cracksmen

Please welcome Dennis O’Flaherty, author of King of the Cracksmen, to the blog. He kindly stopped by to talk about the new book, and courtesy of Night Shade Books, we also have a copy to give away to one lucky US winner (fill out the widget at the bottom of the post and I’ll pick… Read more »


Catching up with Lauren M. Roy, author of Grave Matters (+ Giveaway)

Please welcome Lauren M. Roy back to the blog. She stopped by to talk about Grave Matters, the 2nd book in her Night Owls series, and we’ve also got a giveaway, courtesy of the nice folks at Ace! What can we expect from Elly and the gang in Grave Matters, the followup to Night Owls?… Read more »


Catching up with Evie Manieri, author of Fortune’s Blight (The Shattered Kingdoms)

Please welcome Evie Manieri back to the blog! The newest book in her Shattered Kingdoms series, Fortune’s Blight, just came out in February, and she stopped by to talk about it, and more! Will you tell us a little about Fortune’s Blight? Fortune’s Blight picks up just a few months after the end of Blood’s… Read more »


Read This: Revenants by Daniel Mills

Revenants by Daniel Mills (Chomu Press, 2011)-The year is 1689. The place, New England. Over the course of the last year two young women have gone missing from the village of Cold Marsh. One’s body was recovered. The others was never found. Now a third young woman has disappeared and the town is in an… Read more »


The 2015 Derringer Award Finalists have been announced!

Since 1998, the Derringer Awards have recognized outstanding published short mystery fiction and people who’ve greatly advanced or supported the genre. They are awarded by The Short Mystery Fiction Society and winners will be announced on March 31st. This is a special year, however, since one of my reviewers, the awesome Angel Luis Colón, is… Read more »


March 2015 New Releases in Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror

Here are the new releases in SF, Fantasy, and Horror for March 2015. Behold the awesome!  


March 2015 New Releases in Mystery, Suspense, and Fiction

Here are the new releases in Mystery, Suspense, and Fiction for March 2015. You’re sure to find something to fatten up your TBR list!                    


Mystery and Suspense Kindle Deals Under $5

You know the drill, gang. All awesome, all under $5, but always double check before clicking that buy button!                          

TheRebirthsOfTao-144dpi (2)

Cover Reveal: The Rebirths of Tao by Wesley Chu

Whoot! Here’s the cover of The Rebirths of Tao by Wesley Chu, coming up April 7 from Angry Robot Books, with cover art by Stewart Larking. About The Rebirths of Tao: Many years have passed since the events in The Deaths of Tao: the world is split into pro-Prophus and pro-Genjix factions, and is poised… Read more »

  • Interview: Edan Lepucki on California, love after the apocalypse, and more

    Edan Lepucki is a genuine phenomenon, and for good reason: first and foremost, with CALIFORNIA, she’s given us a very assured, excellent debut (trust me, it’s really good), and there was that awesome Stephen Colbert mention… She’s kind of a rockstar, and I’m thrilled that she took the time to answer a few of my… Read more »

  • Catching up with Dana Fredsti, author of Plague World

    It’s no secret that Dana Fredsti’s Ashley Parker series is one of my favorite zombie series out there (Plague World is awesome-trust me), and as always, I’m thrilled to have Dana back to the blog to talk about the newest installment, what comes next, and more! Dana, I’m very excited about Plague World! Will you… Read more »

  • The 2014 Hugo Award winners have been announced!

    The 2014 Hugo Award winners were announced yesterday at LonCon3! Particularly exciting to me is the win for the SF Signal podcast Congrats to all of the winners! BEST NOVEL

  • This week’s Kindle deal round-up (SFF and Suspense): all under $5

    I’m rounding up everything in one post this week, so you should have plenty to choose from to kick-start your weekend! All titles are under $5, and as always, be sure to double check before you click that BUY button! Happy Friday!

  • The first 7 books of Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander series are all under $5 on Kindle!

    Books 1-7 of Diana Gabaldon’s superb OUTLANDER series are under $5 on Kindle, so get ‘em while they’re hot! It’s one of my favorite series, and it’s perfect weekend reading (to go along with the new series on STARZ no less)!

  • Interview: Nick Cole, author of Soda Pop Soldier

    SODA POP SOLDIER by Nick Cole just came out this week, and Nick stopped by to chat about it, and more! Please give him a warm welcome! Congrats on the new book, Nick! Will you tell us a little about Soda Pop Soldier and what inspired you to write it? I wanted to write Soda… Read more »

  • Interview: Patrick Swenson, author of The Ultra Thin Man

    Please welcome Patrick Swenson to the blog! His new book, THE ULTRA THIN MAN, just came out this week and he kindly answered a few of my questions about it, why he writes, and much more! Congrats on the release of The Ultra Thin Man! Will you tell us more about it and what inspired… Read more »

  • September 2014 Must Reads in Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror

    Here are the  books that I’m especially looking forward to in SFF for September! What are you looking forward to? City of Stairs by Robert Jackson Bennett (Broadway-September 9th) Synopsis-The city of Bulikov once wielded the powers of the gods to conquer the world, enslaving and brutalizing millions—until its divine protectors were killed. Now Bulikov has… Read more »

  • Interview: Bishop O’Connell, author of Stolen: An American Faerie Tale

    Please welcome Bishop O’Connell to the blog! His new book STOLEN: AN AMERICAN FAERIE TALE, just came out last month, and he stopped by to answer a few of my questions! Congrats on the new book! Will you tell us more about STOLEN: An American Faerie Tale, and what inspired you to write it? Thanks!… Read more »

  • September 2014 Must Reads in Mystery, Suspense, and Fiction

    Here are the  books that I’m especially looking forward to in Mystery, Suspense, and Fiction for September (it’s a helluva month)! Note I took out the Top 10, because I never (ever) can keep it to just 10.  Bite Harder by Anonymous-9 (Blasted Heath-Sept 1st ) Synopsis (all synopsis are from Amazon or B&N)-Some say he’s… Read more »