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My Bookish Ways (Kristin Centorcelli) has been reviewing books since late 2010, in an effort to get through a rather immense personal library, while also discussing it with whoever will willingly sit still (and some that won’t).

My blog features reviews and author interviews, and sometimes, giveaways!  Do feel free to chat me up on Twitter, Facebook, and Goodreads!

I also contribute to SF Signalreview for Library Journal and have written for Crime Fiction Lover, Criminal Element, and Mystery Scene Magazine.

I’ve been blurbed a few times, most notably in the Iron Druid series by Kevin Hearne, The Impossible Cube by Steven Harper, The Edie Spence series by Cassie Alexander, The Rift Walker by Clay and Susan Griffith, and more!

**I am also the winner of the Team Robot Blogger Award for 2013, given out by the wonderful folks at Angry Robot Books, which was pretty darn cool:)

If you’d like to send me something to review, please take a look around to get a good idea of what I like to read (mainly spec. fiction, suspense, horror, urban fantasy), and if you think your book would be a fit, be sure to read my review policy first, then send me an email at mybookishways (at) yahoo (dot) com. I can’t guarantee that I will review every book sent to me, but I’ll do my best! My husband also reviews SF every now and then for the site, so if you have a book you think he’d dig, also let me know!

A note on my reviews: Since I do so many critical reviews for other outlets, I like to think of the reviews on my blog as more recommendation than critical analysis. If I wouldn’t recommend it to a friend, you probably won’t see it featured here (unless my husband reviews something, then anything goes-it’s just how I roll.) So, you most likely won’t see anything that would rate under 3 stars (if I used star ratings, which I don’t.)

In the interest of full disclosure, I use Amazon buy links, and minimal ads, which provide a teeny bit of income for the site, so when you click on a book and it goes to Amazon, I’ll get a very small amount of commission. This also helps to offset the cost of shipping for giveaways. I also may get a small amount for book related ads.

***I hope you like the site and hang around, comment, discuss, and all that good stuff, but please, please don’t copy my work. I work rather hard on it, and don’t get paid, so please respect that. If you like something, and would like to include it on another blog/site/etc., all I ask is that you credit the material to me with a link or shout-out. Thank ya!!

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