It’s time to say goodbye…but I’ll always love you!

Can you believe it’s been 6 years since I started this blog? Now, for sure it’s not the 12+ that SF Signal ran (overachiever ;-D), but still, many days of meeting wonderful authors, reading books (so many books!), making friends, and generally having a fantastic time.

I spent a number of months as John D.’s sidekick at SF Signal, and years contributing to SFS, started writing for Criminal Element and reviewing for Publisher’s Weekly (and among others like Library Journal and Criminal Element.)

I also was lucky enough to have Angel Colón (he’s an author, so go read his stuff), Amanda Byrne (also an author, hint hint), and Beth Cummings as reviewers. They are all awesome. Also, I worked with quite a few publicists over the years, and they’re pretty awesome, too. It’s a hard job. Be nice to publicists, because wrangling us bloggers must be a bit like herding cats.

But… I’m not getting any younger, and my kids are getting older, and I don’t want to miss any of it, so it’s with a bit of a heavy heart (I’m gonna miss this) I say farewell to My Bookish Ways.

I actually meant to stick around for a few more months, but it’s not cheap to run the blog, and that money saved will be sucked in to the black hole that lives in our house (aka children.)

I’ll still be around, and I’ll keep My Bookish Ways live as long as I can. The online book community is awesome, and I’m so glad I could experience this with all of you, and it’s because of you that this blog was so much damn fun!

Now, you can’t escape me completely. I’ll still be lurking around the interwebz (FB, Twitter, and such) and I’m sure I’ll bug my fellow bloggers like Andrea at Little Red Reviewer and Chelsea of Vampire Book Club, to post there every once in a while, and of course, I’ll give shoutouts about what I’m reading and why I think you should read it too (cause I’m a pushy broad.) I might even write mini-reviews on the My Bookish Ways Facebook page, but we shall see.

Thanks again for everything, and keep reading!!

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