Giveaway: Gold Throne in Shadow by M.C. Planck

Courtesy of the lovely folks at Pyr, we’ve got 2 copies of Gold Throne in Shadow by M.C. Planck to give away to 2 lucky US winners, so check out the book, and enter to win using the widget below the post. Good luck!
About Gold Throne in Shadow:
The continuing adventures of Christopher Sinclair, mechanical engineer turned priest of war.

Christopher, raised from the dead and promoted to a moderate rank, takes command of the army regiment he trained and equipped. Sent south to an allegedly easy posting, he finds himself in the way of several thousand rabid dog-men. Guns and fortifications turn back the horde, but Christopher has other problems that cannot be solved with mere firepower: a wicked assassin; hostile clergymen; dubious allies including a bard, Lalania, with a connection to a mysterious group of scholars; and worst of all his own impolitic tongue. But all of these pale into mere distractions once he discovers the true enemy: an invisible, mind-eating horror who plays the kingdom like a puppet-master’s stage. Lalania claims she can help–but will it be enough?

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