Dinosaurs Are Coming! Victor Milán on the Art of THE DINOSAUR LORDS (+ Giveaway)

Dinosaurs are coming (2)The Dinosaur Lords by Victor Milán will be out at the end of this month, and courtesy of Tor and the author, we’ve got an exclusive look at one of the interior illustrations (along with some comments from Victor), and it’s gorgeous! Be sure to visit SF Signal where you can take a look at another one of the awesome illustrations (with another chance to win the book), all by Richard Anderson.

Also, we’ve got a copy of The Dinosaur Lords to give away to one lucky US/Canadian winner, so be sure to fill out the widget at the end of the post to enter to win. Enjoy!

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Interior Illustration #: Quetzalcoatlus!

An Azhdarchid – a huge pterosaur, or flying lizard. This one’s Quetzalcoatlus northropi – possibly a young one, from the size of its head. An Azhdarchid turns up in the opening scene as a potential threat, and another makes a scary cameo later.

Though they’re commonly called dragón in Spañol, the Empire of Nuevaropa’s dominant language – it means what you think it does – they can’t breathe fire, nor carry people off. They’re not even dinosaurs, though they lived alongside them.

But they’re well-feared, hence the name. Think about a flying monster with a 33-foot wingspan, that could land near or even on you with its 450 or more pounds of weight, to stand as tall as a giraffe, and stab you with that big sword beak.

That’s “dragon” enough for the people of Paradise. Me too.
Dinosaur Lords Interior Image 3 - Dragon (2)

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