Read This: Dave vs. the Monsters: Resistance by John Birmingham

Dave vs. the Monsters: Resistance by John Birmingham (Del Rey, June 2nd, 2015)–Oh Dave, Dave, Dave… Dave Hooper is high off of the victory over the Hunn in New Orleans, and now he’s in Vegas, living it up like a proper superstar. Booze and girls are Dave’s main excesses, but from the way he’s acting, he’s probably open to just about anything. When Resistance opens, Dave is at his worst. If you read the first book, you already know that Dave isn’t stupid. In fact, he’s far from it, higher education and all. Except… there’s a self-loathing aspect that drives Dave to do stupid things, and once he starts, it’s awful hard for him to quit. His newfound celebrity, and the promise of wealth that might come with it brings a new aspect to his pending divorce, and of course, thoughts of his two young sons are always in the back of his mind. You know, when he’s not partying. Turns out that the threat from the UnderRealms isn’t even close to over, and Dave will have to use his newfound strength and speed for more than just, um, athletic sex. With his military entourage in tow, Dave is off to fight the new threat, and it turns out to be nothing like what he faced in New Orleans.

The author brings the same amount of fun to this book as he did with Emergence, but humans, who used to be sniveling, groveling beings to the denizens of the UnderRealms, are learning more and more about their new foe every day, and Dave is a big source of that knowledge. Dave is also learning more about his powers, and how he can use them to help. But, while the humans are learning, so are the bad guys, and they’ve found a diabolical way to absorb human knowledge. It’s gross, too. Which is fine, because much of the fun comes from the fantastic battle scenes. Lest you think this is just shallow thriller/fantasy fare, there’s much more to Dave, and this series, than initially meets the eye. While humans are learning more about the creatures of the UnderRealms, the creatures are learning more and more about the humans, and more disturbingly, how to fight back. Also, while I love Dave, even with his many (so many) flaws, it’s quite gratifying to see him get his butt pretty thoroughly kicked by a new awesome addition to the cast. I truly believe Dave needs a few regular butt-kickings to bring him back to reality, but I digress…

I can’t wait for the third and final book in the series, Ascendance, and the addition of a few new and very interesting characters should make it the best yet.

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