An interview with Chelsea Quinn Yarbro , author of “Renewal” (BLOOD SISTERS)

Blood Sisters (Night Shade Books), a brand new anthology featuring vampire stories by women, just came out in May, and throughout June, I’ll be posting interviews with a few of the authors!

You can check out the entire table of contents HERE.

Today, Please welcome Chelsea Quinn Yarbro to the blog!

Will you tell us a bit about your story in Blood Sisters and what inspired you to write it?

There’s nothing like a stack of unpaid bills to inspire me, and that goes for this story, too.

What do you like to see in a good story?

In my opinion, Shakespeare set the bar for everyone writing in English, and it is a high bar indeed. In terms of influencing me — that’s hard to say, since I cannot go back and unread something that grabbed my attention, and then juxtapose that experience with what I did or did not see the world without it.

Is there anything that will make you put a book down, unfinished?

Sloppy grammar and syntax are deadly: if I have to stop reading to parse a sentence to find out what it’s saying,

I won’t stay with the story unless it is unusually compelling. Also poor characterization, a lack of applicable research, over-obvious plotting, and that ineffable lack of love of the characters on the part of the author will increase the likelihood I will not finish it.

What do you enjoy most about reading, and writing, SFF and Horror?

The same thing I enjoy about writing Westerns and mysteries — having the story and its people “come alive”.
What’s next for you?

I want to finish Orphans of Memory, Saint-Germain #28, and do a second Chesterton Holte mystery, assuming the first one warrants a second; we’ll see what happens after that.

About Blood Sisters:
Bram Stoker was hardly the first author—male or female—to fictionalize the folkloric vampire, but he defined the modern iconic vampire when Dracula appeared in 1897. Since then, many have reinterpreted the ever-versatile vampire over and over again—and female writers have played vital roles in proving that the vampire, as well as our perpetual fascination with it, is truly immortal. These authors have devised some of the most fascinating, popular, and entertaining of our many vampiric variations: suavely sensual . . . fascinating but fatal . . . sexy and smart . . . undead but prone to detection . . . tormented or terrifying . . . amusing or amoral . . . doomed or deadly . . . badass and beautiful . . . cutting-edge or classic . . .

Blood Sisters collects a wide range of fantastical stories from New York Times bestsellers Holly Black, Nancy Holder, Catherynne M. Valente, and Carrie Vaughn, and critically acclaimed writers Chelsea Quinn Yarbro and Tanith Lee, all of whom have left their indelible and unique stamps on the vampire genre. Whether they are undeniably heroes and heroines or bloodthirsty monsters (or something in between), the undead are a lively lot. This anthology offers some of the best short fiction ever written by the “blood sisters” who know them best: stories you can really sink your teeth into.

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