Read This: Infinity Bell (House Immortal #2 by Devon Monk (+ Giveaway)

Infinity Bell by Devon Monk (Roc, March 3rd, 2015-Some shocking things happened at the end of House Immortal which I’m not going to tell you about, because it would spoil it, but I will tell you that Matilda “Tilly” Case is on the run with her brother Quentin and Abraham (Galvanized, immortal, and injured), and they’ve got some very nasty folks on their tails. The 12 Houses that rule the earth are now at war, and Abe is a fugitive. They’ve discovered that they only have a short time before, well, time itself is reset, and the events that created the Galvanized won’t have happened. You can guess what that means. Tilly and her friends have only a few days to find a way to stop the break in time that occurred as a result of Tilly’s many times great-grandfather’s experiment, The Wings of Mercury, from mending. If they don’t, Tilly and the rest of the Galvanized will cease to exist.

That’s enough to light a flame under anyone, but Tilly has more than one reason to stop the break in time. She’s never met anyone like Abraham, and her feelings for him drive her, as does the possible global consequences that the Wings of Mercury might have. It’s in Infinity Bell that we really learn about the consequences of her ancestor’s actions, and it’s also where Tilly comes into her own as a woman. She’s been independent for a while, and always strong, but now she’s involved in something where the fallout can be dire if she fails. For Tilly, though, failure is not an option. But, she’s got more friends than she thought, and the friends that have stuck with her will do anything to make sure she succeeds. I love the world that Devon Monk has created and I also love that she highlights the fact that blood makes a family, but loyalty and love do as well, and family can mean so many things. I enjoyed the first book, but I loved this one. It’s a page turner, and those that love future worlds, time travel, and fantastic characters will chew this one up. Can’t wait for Crucible Zero!!

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  1. I read the first book in the series just 2 weeks ago and have this one on hold. I’d love to win it and cancel the library hold.

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