My Bookish Ways Welcomes Beth Cummings

bethI’m very excited to welcome Beth Cummings to the My Bookish Ways team! Beth will be reviewing SFF/Horror, and I couldn’t be happier to have her as part of the MBW team!

Here’s more about Beth:
Beth Cummings self-identifies as a biblioholic. In fact, her to-be-read pile continues to grow at an astounding rate. When asked about her favorite books, she tends to struggle with an answer because “there are just so many good ones out there”. Seriously – her idea of the worst nightmare EVER would be having no choice but to pick just one. The stress alone might just do her in. While she reads a little less than in years past (having a teenager and a gymnast in the house will do that to you), she still feels a compulsion to snap up good books because…SOMEDAY.

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