Help! Reviewers Wanted For Suspense and Mystery!

Hi gang! Love to read, talk books, and can write a killer review but don’t have time to run your own blog? I have the answer: come review for me here at My Bookish Ways! I have no plans of slowing down where My Bookish Ways is concerned, but since I took on additional duties as Associate Editor at SF Signal, I need a bit of help. I want to feature more reviews, but that requires more reading, and since I can’t add 10 more hours to each day, that’s where YOU come in.

blackmaskHere are a few basics:

  • I’m specifically looking for reviewers that are willing to cover suspense,mystery,and thrillers (of just about any flavor except for “cozies”.) I will say I tend to like my suspensers on the “darker” side.
  • It’s unpaid and voluntary, but really fun, and you’ll get early access to books (mostly digital, however, at least to start with, so please keep that in mind.)
  • Must be able to write at least two reviews per month and meet deadlines.
  • As for reviews: I’m looking for conversational and clarity. Keep in mind, here at My Bookish Ways we focus on the positive (I do critical reviews for other publications, this is my fun place), and if you hate the book, it has no place here. Think of it this way: if you would recommend it to a friend, it has a home on My Bookish Ways.

Send an email to with the following:

  • What are a few of your all time favorite books?
  • What are a few of your favorite suspense/mystery authors?
  • This one is important: A sample review (or two), preferably in the 500-600 word range. Feel free to paste it in the body of the email or, if you review at Goodreads or Amazon, send me the link(s).

That’s it for now, so if you’re game, drop me a line and I’ll be in touch if I need more info or think you might be a good fit.

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  1. Wish I could read Fast enough to do this. Takes me a little more than a month to finish one book. 🙁

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