Catching up with Nancy Holder, author of Vendetta (Beauty & the Beast)

nancyholderPlease welcome Nancy Holder back to the blog! Her new book, Vendetta (Beauty & the Beast) came out in November, and she stopped by to answer a few questions about it, and more!

Nancy, will you tell us about your new book Beauty and the Beast: Vendetta?
Oh, I love writing my Beauty and the Beast novels. Vendetta is my first, and I’m currently contracted to write three. This means that I watch BATB over and over and over. It’s sheer heaven. In Vendetta, I attempted to capture the classic feel of the first few episodes, emphasizing the great, destined love that Vincent and Catherine share, as well as the intriguing cases Cat and Tess Vargas solve together, with assists from Vincent and J.T. Forbes. I also included Cat’s biological father and I gave Gabe a subplot because I knew Big Things were going to happen to him and I wanted to give him a great sendoff.

You’re very experienced in writing TV tie-ins, but what kind of prep do you usually do to write a book like this, and what sort of prep did you do for this one?
First of all, I watch the show over and over, and I read the scripts many, many times. I’m so grateful to CBS for sending me all the scripts. I put them in large binders and read them like picture books. They’re so well written. I also watch the episodes with the sound off so I can capture the visual flavor of the world. For example, Vincent is often shown with roses, and Cat’s world with him on the rooftop is reminiscent of the blurry forest where he first saved her. It’s fascinating to see how much thought, time, and effort goes into the look of BatB.

What did you enjoy most about writing in the Beauty and the Beast ‘verse?
I’m still writing in the ‘verse and I couldn’t be happier. My first fifteen book sales were various kinds of romances and women’s fiction, and this is such a wonderfully romantic world to explore. I love the chemistry of VinCat. I listen to the songs from the soundtracks while I write. I adore “Vapour” from Vancouver Sleep Clinic . It’s perfect for BatB!

How do you stay organized? It must be challenging to keep everything straight, especially in an already established “world”!
Well, we all keep our friends and relatives straight, right? We remember their birthdays, and their favorite foods, and tell stories about them. The characters in Beauty and the Beast have become like family to me.

It’s been a while since we’ve caught up…have you read any good books lately? Is there anything you’re looking forward to this year?
I’m reading a ton this year! I was on the Novel Jury for the Horror Writers Association Bram Stoker Awards and I’m currently on the jury for the Shirley Jackson Award. I’m reading all the time!

What are you currently reading?
I can’t talk about the books I’m reading because the jury work is confidential, but I can talk about the fantastic work my MFA students are producing. I teach at the Stonecoast MFA in Creative Writing Program offered through the University of Southern Maine. It’s a low residency program and we have such talented students!

What’s next for you?
I’m working on a new Buffy nonfiction book and I have another Beauty and the Beast novel coming out at the end of May. It’s titled Some Gave All. In June I have The Rules from Delacorte. It’s a teen thriller. Then I have one more Beauty and the Book and I’m novelizing a movie for Titan that I can’t talk about yet. So, lots of stuff will be coming out from me. I’m grateful to you for asking me to talk about my work, and to the fans for buying it. I’m especially grateful to my fellow Beasties for all the work they did to get the show a third season. Austin Basis (J.T. Forbes) also rallied us. A shoutout to him!

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About Vendetta (Beauty & the Beast):
During a mysterious blackout, Angelo DeMarco, the son of New York City’s most powerful family, is kidnapped. NYPD detectives Catherine Chandler and Tess Vargas are on the case when they learn of a second missing person: Cat’s father has disappeared from his prison cell on Rikers Island. Vincent is desperate to help Cat, but as tensions rise, the couple becomes caught in a trap where the only way out is to confront their pasts and prove their epic love.

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