Fave Reads of 2014: Jason M Hough, author of The Dire Earth Cycle

I’ve been rounding up a few of my favorite authors and asking them what books they loved most in 2014 (they didn’t have to be published in 2014, but it didn’t hurt), and today, Jason M Hough (THe Darwin Elevator, The Exodus Towers, The Plague Forge, The Dire Earth), stopped by to give us a few of his faves.

My favorite Science Fiction novel this year was THE MARTIAN by Andy Weir. There’s almost nothing wrong with this book. The plot is instantly compelling and the main character is a blast to spend time with. Best of all, the science is integral to the story, accurate, and yet never incomprehensible. Weir has a remarkable talent for relating complex ideas to all levels of readers, and even makes growing potatoes a fascinating topic.

In Fantasy, tops for me this year was THE EMPEROR’S BLADES by Brian Staveley, which I devoured! The intricacy of the plot, the depth of the characters, and the vivid prose all reminded me of the great Guy Gavriel Kay, and I can think of no higher praise for a fantasy author.

Bending the rules a bit, I also must lavish some praise onto Courtney Schafer’s THE WHITEFIRE CROSSING, which is a brilliant fantasy in the same vein as Staveley’s. While I read it this year, I think it was released in 2011, so I’m not sure if the jury will allow my inclusion of it here!

Lastly, this year I discovered the brilliant crime thrillers of South African author Deon Meyer. Intending to just read one, I ended up inhaling six! His latest, COBRA, is brilliant, and an absolute clinic in characterization (like everything Meyer has written) that I think all writers could benefit from reading.

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  1. My favorite read this year is Hogarth’s Dust to DNA, dusttodna.com for a look. Best look at a controversial subject in the form of very good fiction.

  2. Really enjoyed Whitefire Crossing, and keep hearing about The Martian, but hadn’t heard of the other two. Will check those out right now. (Dang, that Meyer guy got a lot of books!)

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