Fave Reads of 2014: Alex Marwood, author of The Killer Next Door

Today Alex Marwood, author of the fantastic (and Edgar Award winning) Wicked Girls and The Killer Next Door, shared her short and sweet list of her favorite reads of 2014. Enjoy, and don’t forget to check out Alex’s books. You’re missing out if you don’t.

Sarah Hilary – Someone Else’s Skin: A British debut author, Hilary has the sort of writing style that immerses you so thoroughly in her world that you can barely rise to breathe.

Elizabeth Little – Dear Daughter: Loved this one. Little’s narrative voice is one of the strongest I’ve read in a good while.

Laura Lippman: After I’m Gone: Lippman is one of the most accomplished writers on the crime scene. This tale of a family shattered by an unfaithful father’s attempts to stay ahead of the law is by turns melancholy and fascinating.

Sabine Durrant: Remember Me This Way: A crime novel that’s not a crime novel: a woman begins to suspect that her dead husband might not be dead after all. I’m not sure if Durrant has a deal in the States yet, but she’s a wonderful, poetic writer and well worth tracking down. Note: Remember Me This Way is up for preorder in the US from Atria and will be released in May 2015. The above cover is from an earlier, UK release of the book and is available from third party sellers.

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