An interview, scavenger hunt, and giveaway with Alex Hughes, author of Vacant

alexHughesIt’s always a pleasure to have Alex Hughes on the blog, and I’m thrilled to have her here as part of her blog tour for the newest book in the Mindspace Investigations series, Vacant. In addition, I’ve got a copy of Vacant to give away to one lucky winner, and there’s a scavenger hunt with a tour wide giveaway, so lots of fun to be had. Please give Alex a warm welcome!

I can’t believe Book 4 is out already! Will you tell us about Vacant?
Thanks for having me back on the blog. Boy, time does fly, doesn’t it? I also find it hard to believe this is the fourth book in the series! Good stuff though. Vacant is the story of Adam, a strong telepath and recovering addict, when he is called to Savannah to help the FBI protect the ten year old son of a judge who has just survived a kidnapping attempt. Adam’s partner Cherabino is facing her own troubles in Atlanta, and Adam must stand on his own for the first time in a long time. He’s not sure he can, and there’s a boy’s life on the line.

How do you think Adam has grown or changed the most since Clean?
Adam has decided that he wants to be clean and that he wants this new life he’s built for himself, even if he has to fight hard for it. The trouble is, nearly everyone has lined up to try to take it from him, and he has to decide how to respond. He is still motivated by fear, sometimes, but in Vacant he steps up to do things despite the fear.

vacantAny new foes or friends in this one that you particularly enjoyed writing about?
I always love Fiske. He’s such a puppet master. And meeting Stone’s sister was a hoot. Stone is an honorable guy who works for an agenda that overlaps with Adam’s but is not the same. Meeting his sister (who also comes from the same place he does) was illuminating and cool.

It’s been a year since we last caught up (!!!) Read any good books lately? What were a few of your faves this year?
Has it really been a year?? Wow. Time flies like nuts! My favorite books of the year are Rachel Bach’s (Aaron’s) Paradox trilogy, by far. I also love Susan Spann’s Shinobi mystery series, and the nonfiction Boardwalk Empire book. I’m really enjoying Scott Sigler’s Galactic Football League books right now, though. It’s hilarious—the only time in my life I care enough to learn the rules of football, and it’s for a game with aliens in a book.

What are you currently reading?
See previous answer. I’m about to finish up the 4th book in the series by Scott Sigler. I met him at DragonCon and his books are really fun.

What’s one of your favorite things about being a published author? Is there anything you know now that you wished you’d known way-back-when?
I love hearing from the fans. No matter what else is going on, hearing from people who like my work just makes my day.

What do I wish I’d known back in the beginning? This is a difficult and at-times-fickle business. There are great people in the book business, and there are not so great people in the book business, and none of it is personal. It’s hard sometimes to separate myself from my work, but that’s been the best thing for me. That and focusing on the things I can control: the quality and amount of the work I produce, and the doors I knock on. For all of the talk around publishing, nobody really knows what makes a bestseller. You do the best you can and there’s honor in that. That’s what I wished I’d known from the beginning. That and readers are amazing.

What’s next for you, and Adam?
Adam will be back in Atlanta for Book #5, with an interesting PI case and new troubles. Timing for the release will depend on whether the publisher buys the next book, which has yet to be determined. In the meantime I’ve been working on other Super Secret projects, which I’m excited about. People signed up for my email newsletter will hear about everything first. (Sign up here:

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