Broken Soul (Jane Yellowrock #8) by Faith Hunter

BrokenSoulLoRezCover (2)Broken Soul by Faith Hunter (Roc, Oct. 7,2014)-No spoilers for this one, but may be inevitable spoilers for previous books.

Oh Jane. We’re on book 8 and you haven’t let me down yet. It’s time for another shindig (sort of) and Leo, Master of New Orleans has of course asked Jane to handle the security. This time it’s a delegation of Eurovamps that want to test Leo’s weaknesses and hope to eventually take over his territory. But, Leo’s got it covered, right? He’s actually put a few of his own safeguards in place (including using some of Jane’s past actions to scare them), but he still needs Jane to make everything go smoothly, but this time, Jane insists on an huge paycheck, which he fails to blink at. She’s not sure whether to be flattered or worried. Either way, she’s got a lot of work today and heads home to start, only to promptly get attacked in her SUV by something that to her, looks like a creature of light.

So, Jane’s got a lot on her plate, and if you add to that the attentions of a suitor we all know and love (FINALLY-the flowers, ohhh, the flowers), it could be overwhelming. But it’s Jane, and she’s nothing if not pragmatic. Oh wait, did I also mention that in addition to the European vamps getting tithes from the New York City Master in return for leaving his lands alone, and coming after Leo, they’ve also decided that Jane has something they want, and it’s a very powerful magical object. Jane doesn’t have it though, and Leo wants her to find it and give it to him. She doesn’t plan on giving it to anyone. In fact, she hopes to find it and destroy it before it can fall into anyone’s hands. I enjoyed the bit of history that we get at the beginning on the Mithrans. It’s colorful, to say the least. Oh yeah, there’s also…something in one of Leo’s subbasements, and it’s bad enough to set Jane’s/Beast’s scent sensors throbbing and get Leo’s huge security guys’ knees knocking. It either has really bad breath, or it’s really, really bad. It’s unclear, as well, what has been causing the elevators to stop on the wrong floors.

Faith Hunter has always been great at juggling a lot in her books, but so far Broken Soul, compared to previous books, seems to have more than usual going on. You’ll see old faces, but there are a lot of new ones too (some very nasty ones), and Jane will be tested more than ever before. Like I hinted earlier, if you’ve been waiting for something (anything!!) to happen in Jane’s love life, this will scratch your itch a little. This series continues to get better and better, and you’ll be hard pressed to find better urban fantasy out there. Stick with Jane. It’s a win/win, every time.

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