Bloodshifted (Edie Spence #5) by Cassie Alexander

bloodshiftedBloodshifted (Edie Spence #5) by Cassie Alexander (St. Martin’s Press, 7/1/14)-Warning! This review assumes you’re caught up, and doesn’t have spoilers for this book, but series newbies may want to look away, and check out my other Edie Spence reviews. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Edie Spence has survived the events aboard the Maraschino, but she’s got a helluva struggle ahead of her, now that she’s a daytimer, and at the mercy of her maker, Raven, at least until Anna can gather together her posse and spring her from the catacombs that house Raven and his people, as well as a three-story nightclub that serves as both a moneymaker and human blood supplier to the vamps. She seems to have a likely ally in the form of another daytimer named Jackson, but his motives are suspect, and Edie really can’t trust anyone. She’s got to concentrate on keeping herself, and her unborn baby, alive, and getting back to Asher by any means possible. Being tethered to Raven is demoralizing, not to mention terrifying, and having to room with a bitchy daytimer who seems bent on terrorizing her is just another thing on her increasingly long list of problems. Edie is swiftly put to work, after all, everyone earns their keep in the catacombs, and scrubbing toilets is at least preferable to being confined, but soon, she learns of diabolical experiments being conducted in the underground warren, that may threaten the whole of humanity, and an ancient, and possibly very dangerous, figure keeps appearing in her dreams. Can Edie save herself, and humankind, without losing her own humanity in the process?

For pure fun, it’s really hard to beat the Edie Spence series. My favorite nurse-to-the-supes has been through so much, and come so far, to finally find happiness, then decides to go on a cruise (which should be fun, right?-but, no), then survives that mess, then…vamps, underground catacombs, diabolical experiments, and other horrors. However, Edie does have some allies (including a very unlikely one) within the compound, and waiting around to be rescued isn’t really Edie’s style. Cassie Alexander has never presented her vampires as, um, fluffy, and their innate brutality is on fine display here. There will be blood…so much blood.

I adore Edie, so the fact that Bloodshifted is the last of this series makes me sad. However, it’s been a great ride, and I’ll follow Cassie Alexander wherever her muse takes her. If you’re looking for a standout in the very crowded urban fantasy field, Edie Spence should be one of your go-to series.

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