Q&A (& Giveaway): Kerry Schafer, author of Wakeworld

Please welcome Kerry Schafer back to the blog! The 2nd book in her Books of the Between series, WAKEWORLD (after last year’s BETWEEN), just came out and Kerry was kind enough to stop by and catch up! Also, courtesy of the nice folks at Ace, we’ve got a copy of WAKEWORLD to give away to one lucky winner, so be sure to check out the details at the bottom of the post!


Diane Maehl Photography

Diane Maehl Photography

Kerry, the 2nd novel in your Books of the Between series, just came out! What can we expect from Vivian and the gang this time around?
Let’s see… Vivian has some serious work to do getting her internal dragon under control. Zee actually comes from a long line of dragon slayers, there are some obstacles to their relationship. Poe the penguin is back in action as his lovable self. Karma catches up with Jared. And, we meet a few new characters, including a powerful and dangerous Black Dragon, and a rogue dreamshifter. Lots of action, lots of fun.

What do you enjoy most about writing Vivian, and why do you think readers will root for her?
What I like most about Vivian is that she is very human, despite all of her supernatural traits. She’s a strong woman, but she doesn’t always have a snappy comeback line, she doesn’t always kick ass, and she struggles with the reality she’s been thrust into. I think readers will root for her because she has tremendous courage. Even though she’s afraid, she always ends up doing the right thing – or at least trying to – no matter what the cost.

When you started the series, did you already have in mind how many books you’d like to write, or did you just plan to see where it took you?
That question actually makes me laugh. I wrote Between as a stand alone. I left a few threads open at the end, just in case in some mythical, impossible future, some publisher wanted to make the book into a series. When I got the news I was writing more than one book I had to do some serious brainstorming to figure out where the plot was going. NOW I have a plan, and I have to tell you I love where Book Three is going. (Hint: giants and sorcery in the dream worlds, and a scourge of nightmares made real in Wakeworld)

wakeworldWhat is your writing process like? Are you a plotter or a pantser?
I used to be a full on pantser. This is fun, but time consuming as it leads to an extensive revision process. Anne Bishop uses the term “Organic Writer” and I really like that. I begin now with a handful of signpost scenes planned out in advance, but I find that the story grows from itself. I’ll sit down to write a scene, and something comes up in that scene that is unexpected or original. And then I use that material to add new scenes to my plan. I guess I sort of plot as I go.

What was one of your favorite books of 2013?
Wow, there were so many! I have to do at least two. A Wisp of a Thing by Alex Bledsoe. I think what he is doing with his Tufa novels is brilliant. Also Written in Red, by Anne Bishop. Her world building and characters are fabulous.

What are you reading now?
The Sword-edged Blonde, by Alex Bledsoe, which is a Jack Reacher with a sword kind of thing. Great fun.

Any New Year’s resolutions?
Nope, I don’t make resolutions. I do have plenty of plans and goals, but that’s different, I think.

What’s next for you this year?
Book Three of the Between, of course. Also, I’m in revisions on a paranormal thriller called Dead Before Dying, in which an aging paranormal investigator takes on a case in a senior citizen’s residence. My other project for this year is to do more with the world I created in the Dream Wars novellas. I think Jesse and Will and the Dream Merchant deserve a novel of their own.

So many books to write, so little time!

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