Kickstarter Alert: Freaks & Weeping Children: An Anthology of Dark Fiction

I’m very excited about a Kickstarter in progress and wanted to highlight it here. Freaks & Weeping Children: An Anthology of Dark Fiction is an upcoming anthology of cross-genre fiction to be edited by Michael T. Woods, but they need your help to get it made and meet their $10,000 goal! A few of my very favorite authors, Delilah S. Dawson (the Blud series)  and Karina Cooper (Dark Mission and St. Croix Chronicles) are among the contributors, and the rewards are awesome!

michaeldwoodsHere’s what Michael has to say about the anthology:

*What’s the point of Freaks & Weeping Children?

The aim of this anthology is to discover new writers of dark fiction and to put great stories into the hands of readers searching for fresh voices. With this anthology I hope to publish a wide range of speculative fiction all with the delicious tinge of horror.

Why would I do such a fool thing? It’s not for fame and fortune. And I have no interest in becoming an indie publisher. Freaks and Weeping Children is about putting together a quality anthology full of stories that entertain and terrify. If one reader enjoys the collection of tales I assemble then I have achieved my goal.

Wanna contribute and help get this anthology made (and get awesome rewards)? Of course you do!

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