It’s a 100th Book Celebration at Angry Robot Books (and we’ve got some goodies to give away!)

AR-LogoHANG WIRE by Adam Christopher just came out from Angry Robot Books, and not only was it amazing, it also has the honor of being their 100th book published!! So, to celebrate, Angry Robot is giving away a few very cool toys (it’s INTERNATIONAL), and of course, copies of HANG WIRE, so check out the details for my giveaway (this one is a bit different, so read the deets carefully), and good luck!


However, SFX is now giving away HANG WIRE and a Toy Robot, so head on over for the details!


Ok, here it is, Angry Robot has got a very cool Thames and Kosmos Remote Control Machines Kit to give away, and they’re shipping this bad boy out internationally, so everyone can enter! For more info on the kit, hit the Thames and Kosmos website.

Thames and Cosmos Remte Control Machines (2)

Also up for grabs is a copy of the 100th book, HANG WIRE by Adam Christopher (also international)!

Ted Hall is worried. He’s been sleepwalking, and his somnambulant travels appear to coincide with murders by the notorious Hang Wire Killer.

Meanwhile, the circus has come to town, but the Celtic dancers are taking their pagan act a little too seriously, the manager of the Olde Worlde Funfair has started talking to his vintage machines, and the new acrobat’s frequent absences are causing tension among the performers.

Out in the city there are other new arrivals – immortals searching for an ancient power – a primal evil which, if unopposed, could destroy the world!

Now for the details!

1.)To enter, you MUST leave a comment telling us what one (2? 3?)of your fave Angry Robot titles has been (here’s a handy list to jog your memory). Now, if you’re new to Angry Robot, hit the list and tell us a title (or titles) that really catch your eye!

2.)For 1 extra entry, you can tweet out the same answer from above, but make sure you include #AngryRobot100!! That’s important, because we need to be able to find your tweets!

Giveaway will run until Feb. 9th, and is international! Good luck!

But wait, there’s more!

You can enter to win a copy of HANG WIRE (1 of 10) at Goodreads until Feb. 11th.

Also, keep an eye on this space, because I’ll list the links to all of the other great toy giveaways in the coming days!


  1. I have not read any Angry Robot books, but I’ve been trying to encourage my local library to get ahold of “The Alchemist of Souls” by Anne Lyle.

  2. Just one?! My favorite Angry Robots books so far have been vN by Madeline Ashby and The Lives of Tao by Wes Chu. Great books!

  3. Well I just read Blackbirds for the first time so that’s my favorite recent book from Angry Robot Books.

  4. My favorite Angry Robot Book has to be The World House by Guy Adams, or the entire The Courts of the Feyre series by Mike Shevdon.

  5. There are so many excellent titles, it’s very difficult to pick….After a lot of thinking, I’m going for “sixty-one nails” by Mike Shevdon: a fantastic story, brilliantly written.

  6. Black Feathers and The Book of the Crowman are my choice.

  7. ‘Zoo City’, ‘The Corpse of the Rat King’, and ‘The lives of Tao’
    Just great!

  8. Angry Robot is one of those publishers that comes out with a crazy amount of great books. I’ve read a bunch of them and even more of them are on my to be read pile. I really liked City of Dreams and Nightmare by Ian Whates, Servant of the Underworld by Aliette de Bodard and The Alchemist of Souls by Anne Lyle. Can’t believe they’re up to 100 books already. But here’s to many, many, more.

  9. Blackbirds for me.

  10. The Merchant of Dreams for me.

  11. Blackbirds is my first Angry Robot book. But like a gateway drug, it’s leading me to more. (Including more of Wendig’s books.)

  12. Wow! So many to choose from! I’d have to pick Blackbirds from Chuck Wendig, Zoo City from Lauren Beukes and Obsidian & Blood from Aliette de Bodard.

  13. What a great chance to build my very own angry robot, how could I pass up an opportunity like that?
    I’d like to pick a pair of authors rather than individual books from the list as among my very favorites in recent years. Hats off to Chuck Wendig and Chris F. Holm, long may they continue to delight us.
    I’m off to tweet, thanks for the great celebration, my hearty Congratulations on 100 publications!!

  14. My favorite Angry Robot Book or series is the very creative World House series by Guy Adams

  15. Blackbirds is my favorite (so far)

  16. Some of my favourite Angry Robot books are BLACKBIRDS & MOCKINGBIRD by Chuck Wendig (I’ve yet to pick up THE CORMORANT)EMPIRE STATE by Adam Christopher and DEAD HARVEST by Chris F. Holm

  17. My top two Angry Robot books? THE CORMORANT (Wendig) and THE BIG REAP (Holm). Recently enjoyed KNOWN DEVIL (Gustainis), so will be picking up the previous two in that series.

  18. I loved Blackbirds by Chuck Wendig and The Lives of Tao by Wesley Chu!

  19. Sunstone sounds interesting

  20. The Lives of Tao by Wesley Chu

  21. What? No love for Justin Gustainis? Y’all need to pick up Hard Spell and Evil Dark. 🙂

  22. I have been buying great ebooks over the past few days: Anne Lyle’s Alchemist of Souls & Wesley Chu’s Lives of Tao. Also bought Freya Robertson’s Heartwood when it first came out. You guys sure know how to pick ’em!

  23. I bought The Nekropolis Archives by Tim Waggoner for myself, and Anne Lyle’s books for my library. Congratulations on publishing 100 titles!

  24. I really liked Empire State by Adam Christopher. How fortuitous if I win!

  25. I’ve absolutely loved the Crown of the Blood series, Black Feathers, the Miriam Black novels, Chris Holms’ series, Empire State, the list goes on, but perhaps my very favorite was Ramz Naam’s NEXUS.

  26. My favourite titles were Slights from Kaaron Warren, a book that made me return to horror literature after an almost a decade long pause, and Zoo City by Lauren Beukes, which did the same for cyberpunk literature for me.

  27. My favourites so far are the books by Adam Christopher (The Empire State) and Chuck Wendig (The Miriam Black Series).

  28. Tough one… Got to be Blackbirds and the other Miriam Black books!

  29. Just 2 or 3?!?

    Cormorant (Miriam Black 3) by Chuck Wendig – the series just keeps getting better.

    The Lives of Tao by Wesley Chu – aliens + spies = awesome

    The Dead of Winter by Lee COllins – Cora is one of my favorite characters. Plus, evil vamps in the Wild West.

  30. My current favorite is The Mad Scientist’s Daughter by Cassandra Rose Clarke, I’m obsessed with her books right now 🙂

  31. There have been a TON of Angry Robot books that I’ve loved.

    Top picks would have to be:

    Chuck Wendig’s THE BLUE BLAZES
    Chris F Holm’s DEAD HARVEST
    Adam Christopher’s EMPIRE STATE
    Wesley Chu’s THE LIVES OF TAO

  32. Empire State by Adam Christopher

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