The Simeon Grist series by Timothy Hallinan

Timothy Hallinan is easily one of the best suspense writers out there right now, and I happened to notice that his entire series featuring LA private eye Simeon Grist is available for only $3.99 each on ebook. That’s 6 awesome books for under $30 bucks, which is about the price of one hardcover, so snap ’em up while you can! (Also note, I listed these in the order that Timothy Hallinan has listed them on his website.)

skin-deepSKIN DEEP (book synopsis from Timothy’s website):
For a fee so big he can’t turn it down, Simeon is hired to watchdog the kind of guy he’d usually prefer to throw through the nearest window. Toby Vane is the golden boy of prime-time TV, whose gee-whiz smile and chiseled features are worth hundreds of millions of dollars in the lucrative syndication market. But Toby has a dark side that would take the shine off for his millions of adoring female fans: every now and then he beats up a woman, and almost any woman will do. When some of the women around Toby begin to turn up dead, Simeon has to figure out whether he’s protecting a murderer – or whether one of Toby’s multitude of enemies wants to put him away forever. And when Simeon meets the beautiful Nana, the whole situation becomes very personal, very fast.

thefourlastthingsTHE FOUR LAST THINGS:
It’s a routine assignment: tail a young woman who’s suspected by her record-company boss, of selling company information. But when the subject is murdered on Simeon Grist’s watch, and the “boss” turns out to be an imposter, Simeon goes after the truth. The track leads him into the upside-down world of The Church of the Eternal Moment, home to both seekers after truth and cynics seeking cash – and which has, at its center, a secret as lethal as a box of poisonous snakes. Simeon and his temporary ally, Dexter Smif, can find their way in; the problem is getting out again.

Simeon Grist is a private eye and Los Angeles is his city, and in the mid-nineties it’s a city of lost children. Against his better judgment – this is heartbreak territory — Grist is on a new case, one that leads him down the streets of LA and into the dead, dark places of a killer’s heart.

Missing is a thirteen-year-old from Kansas, Aimee Sorrell, a/k/a Dorothy Gale, who didn’t find Oz over this rainbow. In fact, from the Polaroids her mother got in the mail, Aimee found nothing less than hell. The not-so-pretty pictures convince Grist to take the Sorrell case, hoping against hope for a happy ending. But the trail soon leads him to the city morgue, and the first of a string of victims. The trail leads Simeon – and his willful god-daughter, Jessica – on a perilous journey to find out what happens to America’s lost children when they go looking for love in all the wrong places.

“in this book, Grist comes up against his most terrifying adversary, a madman who’s setting fire to the homeless. As Simeon is drawn into the case . . . he realizes that the Incinerator has a huge advantage. Somewhere, years ago, the two of them met, and the Incinerator has been nursing hatred and resentment for years. Now, as helpless people burst into flame on Skid Row, Simeon has to scour the wastelands of Los Angeles, and his own past, looking for the face of a killer.”

themanwithnotimeTHE MAN WITH NO TIME:
…the erudite Los Angeles private eye does a favor for the family of his sometimes-girlfriend, Eleanor Chan, and goes looking for two children who vanished in Chinatown. He quickly learns that he’s gone straight through the looking glass and into a world where grieving parents are afraid to contact the police, where fear is the teacher and power is the law, where helpless people are shipped from China to America like so many pairs of shoes and forced into lives of toil and submission. He’s perilously out of his element, drawn into a back-alley nightmare of tong wars, slavery, and murder – forced to play by rules he doesn’t understand for the highest stakes of all.

thebonepolisherTHE BONE POLISHER:
The sixth Simeon Grist book, The Bone Polisher, earned starred reviews all around. It takes place in the West Hollywood of 1995, where the community is shaken by the brutal killing of an older man who was widely loved for his generosity and kindness. In a time when the police were largely indifferent to crimes against gay people, Simeon is hired to catch the murderer—and finds himself up against the most dangerous adversary of his career, a man who kills his victims one once, but twice: once physically and once in spirit.

. . . and Simeon, feeling older and more vulnerable, may not be up to the challenge.

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