The Chapel Perilous by Kevin Hearne

The Chapel_cover art FINAL COVER DESIGN (2)The Chapel Perilous by Kevin Hearne-The Chapel Perilous is a short story that takes place about four years before the events of Trapped and during Granuaile’s training period. It’s a play on the grail story of Gawain in which he visits the aforementioned Chapel Perilous and encounters a Black Hand (of doooom!). Sorry, couldn’t help it. Anyway, Oberon and Granuaile have some downtime and want a story, so Atticus gives them one. Atticus is Gawain (much to Granuaile’s amazement), and the “grail” in this story is actually a cauldron (Dagda’s Cauldren) that just keeps shootin’ out food. Well, not shooting exactly, but it’s definitely the gift that keeps on giving. Anyway, someone stole that awesome cauldron and Atticus was tasked with stealing it back. His quest leads him to a village surrounded by magic and of course, the Chapel Perilous, and that nasty hand. Also, necromancy and the walking dead…’cause Atticus is a trouble magnet. I love that about him, though, and The Chapel Perilous is a creepy, fun little “side quest” for Atticus, and is just a perfect little ball of goodness (a certain horse named Apple Jack doesn’t hurt.) My only problem with it is that I just KNOW that there are about a million story possibilities where Atticus is concerned, and I want them ALL. I mean, he’s really old, and, and…history! But, I’ll take what I can get and wait *patiently* for Shattered.

The Chapel Perilous was originally a part of an anthology edited by Shawn Speakman called Unfettered and is available for only $.99!

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