hangwireHang Wire by Adam Christopher (Angry Robot, Jan. 28th, 2013)-Hang Wire opens in San Francisco, in April of 1906 when the city is apparently gripped by a massive earthquake, but Robert knows better. As he hauls the victims out of the wreckage, using his unusual strength to pull them out from under tons of rubble, he knows that something else is stirring, and he also must resist the darkness that is awakening in himself as a response to all of the pain and suffering that surrounds him. It’s then that we catch up with Joel in 1889, who was given a very, very special coin by his father, and who will soon become a slave to a great and terrible power.

Onward and upward then to the San Francisco of today, and into the life of Ted Hall. Our introduction to Ted starts out with quite a bang (literally), when his birthday celebration with friends and coworkers at a Chinese restaurant ends with an explosion, and a message in a fortune cookie (actually, a lot of them), that he’ll continue to see in the days ahead: YOU ARE THE MASTER OF EVERY SITUATION. Much to Ted’s horror, he’s been sleepwalking and doesn’t remember a thing from his jaunts. He’s also even found what he thinks is blood in his apartment, and even worse, he seems drawn to the murder scenes of the Hang Wire Killer, who has been terrorizing the city.

Meanwhile, at Sharon Meadow, a carnival is in full swing, Joel’s carnival, and something beneath the city is awakening.

So, we have a killer roaming around San Francisco who kills in a very unique way, a seemingly ordinary guy named Ted who’s sleepwalking and seems to be up to, well, something. Then we have Joel and his traveling circus. Joel is a creepy, creepy guy, and it’s not lost on the circus performers. He also seems to acquire rather odd items, objects that seem otherworldly. The narrative jumps between Ted, Joel in the present, and also Joel’s backstory (making of a villain, ahem…), and also we get some background on Robert. You know, the guy I mentioned earlier, the one that was lifting really heavy rubble off of folks after something rocked the earth in 1906? He’s still around now too, but he goes by Bob,gives dancing lessons on the beach, and is somewhat of a local, rather eccentric legend. You have no idea how eccentric. Hang Wire is just pure fun. Yes, there are some dark doings here (something huge is awakening underground and gods are running around wearing human facades, and of course, murder), however, Adam Christopher manages to pull off the right amount of creepy (and some great action scenes) without ever getting too dark. Fans of quirky urban fantasy will devour this one. Loved it!

Written by Kristin


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