Dark City (Repairman Jack: The Early Years #2) by F. Paul Wilson

darkcityDark City by F. Paul Wilson (Tor, Oct. 2013-Reviewed by Peter)-Repairman Jack returns in Dark City, the second installment of Jack’s early years by F. Paul Wilson. If you are a fan of Jack’s later adventures in the Adversary Cycle, you will enjoy this latest addition.

At this point, Jack has pretty much met the majority of his “partners” from the later books and is working on building those relationships. More importantly, Jack is discovering his skills at fixing problems for other people. Julio, the part-owner of the local bar that Jack likes, is having problems with his sister’s ex, a man who delights in tormenting her by defecating on her pillow, amongst other things. Julio is also facing the sale of the bar by the majority owner to none other than the same defecating ex. Julio’s solution involves a baseball bat and lacks a certain amount of panache. Jack convinces Julio to allow him to have a go at fixing the problems. Repairman Jack is on his first real fix!

Meanwhile, the groundwork continues to be laid for Jack’s first encounters with “The Order” and their attempts to bring chaos and havoc to the world to further their hidden agenda through human trafficking and pedophiliacs. Looks like Jack has his hands full this time around.

I enjoyed Dark City as much as the other Repairman Jack books but I was hoping for less world shaking storylines. Jack is a kid, barely allowed to drink, just coming into possession of his first gun and already battling Muslim extremists bent on global jihad. And speaking of those Muslim jihadists, it was nice to actually have a Muslim character introduced that wasn’t just outright evil to counter balance the universal disdain of Muslims by every other character in the book. The Repairman Jack saga has established that there are no coincidences in his life and this device is used extensively in Dark City. I would have preferred more subtlety like when Jack meets “the woman and the dog” for the first time. It is meaningless to anyone not familiar with the books but those that are in the know get to smile knowing she’s so very much more.

Dark City is a solid addition to the Repairman Jack mythos and will not disappoint his fans.

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  1. I love the Repairman Jack novels. Been looking for the last few. This sounds awesome. It’ll be fun to see how it all began.

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