Deadshifted (Edie Spence #4) by Cassie Alexander

deadshiftedDeadshifted (Edie Spence #4) by Cassie Alexander (St. Martin’s Press, Dec 31st, 2013)-Edie and Asher have decided to take a much needed vacation, and a cruise to Hawaii is guaranteed to get them far away from their worries, at least for a while, right? Well, sorta. Pretty much immediately, Asher recognizes a man on the ship who he once did a job for, and according to Asher, he’s got issues.  Asher suspects that his presence on the ship is too much of a coincidence and convinces Edie that it’s in their best interests to investigate. Edie has been enjoying  months of supernatural free time with Asher, and doesn’t want that to end, especially since she has a suspicion that the nature of their relationship is about to change in a huge way, but trouble tends to follow Edie, and even the wide expanse of an ocean can’t seem to keep it away.

Get ready for shades of the Titanic with supernatural goodness, guys and gals! While Edie and Asher do manage to get in some quality couple time at the beginning of the book, before long, people are getting sick and Asher goes to help in any way he can. Not one to be held back, so does Edie, and she discovers that the man that had Asher so suspicious is behind this, and out for revenge of the most diabolical kind. Although Asher gets some face time, Edie is on her own for much of the book, although she does get some help from a few fellow travelers, some human, some not so much. The Shadows even offer assistance a few times. The circumstances are dire, and Edie does quite a bit of soul searching because of, well…huge news. Big. Can you tell I’m trying to avoid spoilers here? The author never shies away from the ickies in her descriptives (like Edie,she’s a nurse, so I imagine she’s just about seen it all), and always manages to make me squirm without feeling like she’s just going for shock value. Speaking of squirming…the sickness making the rounds on the ship has the help of an, er, really nasty, squirmy element.  Prepare to shudder. It’s a race for survival for Asher and Edie, and it’s all an effective setup for a pretty shocking ending. Still lovin’ Edie four books in and can’t wait for BLOODSHIFTED (July 2014.)