Black Heart (Black Wings #6) by Christina Henry

blackheartBlack Heart by Christina Henry (Ace, Oct. 2013)-The end of Black City found Maddy in a bit of a conundrum. The Retrievers were surrounding her home and in order to keep her safe, Nathanial opened a portal and implored her to jump in, so she did. Now she’s found herself in another world of lush jungles, water sprites with very sharp teeth, and…dragons. She also discovers a group of fae living in isolation. By discover, I mean that they capture Maddie and drag her, bound, back to their camp. Eventually, she finds out they’ve been battling a common enemy: remember that praying mantis baddie that beheaded a woman right in front of Maddy and told her it was bringing an army? That would be the common enemy I’m talking about. She offers to destroy the mantis monsters, hoping to win her freedom. Of course, things don’t work out quite like Maddie would like, and in her world, nothing is ever as it seems.

That’s what you really need to remember when reading Black Heart: NOTHING is as it seems. Lucifer has been up to no good (see Black City, but what’s new, right?), and a “favor” he asked of Maddy has of course come back to bite her on her rear end. She’s pregnant and quite tired of fighting but she’s very aware of how powerful she’s become, and resisting the siren song of total destruction in the face of her enemies is getting harder and harder to resist. She’s largely without the help of her friends in this one, and Lucifer and his brothers have most certainly been conjuring up something behind her back. Also, after her annihilation of the vamps taking over Chicago landed on TV, she’s pretty much got a target painted on her. Her list of enemies is a mile long. The question is, who will strike first? And will Maddy let loose with her power, even if it means giving in to the darkness inside? Black Heart is a pretty wild ride, and I firmly remain a huge fan of this series.

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