Black City (Black Wings #5) by Christina Henry

blackcityBLACK CITY by Christina Henry (Black Wings #5) by Christina HenryNOTE: No spoilers for this one, but if you haven’t started the series, check out my review of BLACK WINGS, or, read at your own risk!)-Because of Azazel’s serum, vampires that are immune to the sun have overrun Chicago, and it’s a full scale slaughter. People are fleeing the city and it turns out, the vampire’s head honcho, Therion, wants Maddy Black’s head. She figures he can get in line, but she knows she’s got to stop the vamp takeover of her beloved city. Unfortunately, pregnant and without her wings, Maddy isn’t exactly at full strength, but it doesn’t stop her from fighting, of course. However, the vampire hoard is too great, and Maddy must return to her friends and regroup. She considers asking Lucifer for help, but that always leads to more complications, and one thing Maddy doesn’t need is more complications. It doesn’t help that her friends are constantly on her about going “dark side” (especially Beezle). In fact, the only person that seems to be firmly on her side is Nathaniel, and that brings with it its own trunkful of baggage. After all, Maddy is still mourning the loss of Gabriel, but her attraction to Nathaniel can no longer be ignored, especially since some things have come to light regarding why Nathaniel does certain things, and what makes him tick. Maddy is definitely one of the things that makes Nathaniel tick, but she’s conflicted over Gabriel’s death and the love for him that still hasn’t faded, and the possibility that she could love Nathaniel, someday.

Okay, so Maddy has to get rid of a hoard of vampires that are bent on taking over the city. No problem, right? If you’ve kept up with the series, you know Maddy has become much more powerful, but those powers may come with a price, and Nathaniel may be able to unlock even more of her powers. I was heartbroken when Gabriel died, but Nathaniel has been doing a lot to make up for his transgressions, and in Black City, he gives us a glimpse of his start with Lucifer and possibly some understandable reasons why he acted like a grade A jerk in the past. Maddy has problems trusting him, but with her friends flaking out on her, she needs him more than ever. Speaking of Maddy’s friends: Like Maddy, I’m getting tired of them chastising her when she uses her power to protect innocents and the ones she loves, accusing her of going “dark side.” Granted, she really struggles with having soooo much power, and not being able to just unleash it just because, say, someone is getting on her nerves, and this is something that will follow Maddy into the next book (BLACK HEART-stay tuned). Anyway, back to her friends. They’re getting on my nerves with their nagging. This is Maddy. She’s had their backs from the getgo, and they just assume she has no self-control (ok, she does have a tendency to blow things up and generally NOT walk softly, but still…), and will eventually end up giving herself gleefully over to evil. They need to cool it and stand by their friend. Now that I’ve gotten that out, BLACK CITY is a killer read in this series, and if you’ve been rooting for a little heat between Nathaniel and Maddy, well….:) Oh wait, did I happen to mention Puck is back and plays a more substantial role in this one? And… SECRETS and REVELATIONS of the most awesome and diabolical kind (with a family like Maddy’s, the hits just keep on comin’.) I’ll stop with the all caps, but you get the idea. Can Maddy stop the vamps and stay true to herself? Will her friends stop being jerks? Will she and Nathaniel ever hook up? Will Maddy ever get a chance to rest her tired, pregnant self and not have to battle scary baddies on a constant basis? Luckily, BLACK HEART is out already, so you’ll be able to dive in right after finishing BLACK CITY, because this ending, you will soooo want to. Promise.

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