Team Robot Blogger Award Winners!

AR-LogoSo, unbeknownst to me, the wonderful folks at Angry Robot Books, which includes the imprints Exhibit A Books and Strange Chemistry, created an award to recognize bloggers for their work, called, appropriately, the Team Robot Blogger Award. After stuffing my face with turkey and all the trimmings today, I logged into a flurry of congratulatory tweets, and the most awesome news that I won the Team Robot Blogger Award! Holy cow, ya’ll!!! The wonderful OzNoir of Just a Guy That Likes To Read (one of my fave blogs) won the Author’s Choice Award, and we both get the coolest trophies (see below), but more importantly, for me, is having been able to share my love of books with such an awesome group of bloggers and authors! It’s been a helluva 3 years!

Please go visit Josh aka OzNoir on Twitter and his blog and say congrats, and also check out the shortlist below and go visit them too!

Thanks so much to Angry Robot Books and all the amazingly talented authors that voted for us!



  1. Congrats! what a cool trophy too!

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