Interview: Joseph Nassise, author of Watcher of the Dark (Jeremiah Hunt Chronicles)

Please welcome Joseph Nassise back to the blog! The 3rd novel in the Jeremiah Hunt Chronicles just came out, and Joe stopped by to chat about it, and more!

watcherofthedarkWatcher Of the Dark, the 3rd installment of your Jeremiah Hunt series, is out today! What can we expect from Jeremiah in this book?
Watcher picks up shortly after King of the Dead left off. Hunt is on the run once again thanks to the events in New Orleans and the actions he took to save Denise’s life. He winds up in Los Angeles where he discovers that the city is not at all well named. Shanghaied into service by the Magister of LA, Hunt finds himself once again between a rock and a hard place, except this time he doesn’t have his friends around to bail him out…

How do you think Jeremiah has grown over the course of the series, and what do you enjoy most about writing his character?
Hunt’s story is ultimately one of restoration and possibly redemption and it is the slow crawl along that path that makes him an interesting character to me. We’ve all said “If only I’d done X” at one time or another in our lives; in Hunt’s case, the consequences of his past actions have destroyed not only any sense of normality in his own life but in the lives of others (like his wife and daughter) as well. Those consequences have made him into the isolated, abrasive man he is when we first meet him in Eyes to See. At that point he’s all-but-literally standing on a cliff’s edge and all it would have taken was a simple step to push him over. Instead, he chooses to pull back from the brink, to respond to Denise and Dmitri in a way that gradually brings him back into the fold of human contact – the rest of the books in the series are all, in one fashion or another, dealing with how this decision plays out in his life.

When you started the series, did you have in mind a set number of books, or did you just decide to see where it took you?
I had the first story fully in mind and a rough idea of books two and three. A more detailed structure came later.

What is your writing process like?
I fully plan out a novel before starting so I know exactly what’s going to happen when. Then I start writing. Knowing where I am going and what I need at any given point in the story allows me to write out of order, using my emotional highs and lows to add impact to various scenes throughout the book. Probably drives me editors crazy, since I’m writing the entire thing piecemeal and then stitching it all together, but that’s the process that works best for me.

You seem to have pleased the cover gods for all three books! Do you think the newest cover captures the essence of the book?
Cliff Nielsen has been the artist for all three covers and I’ve been very pleased with them. I consider the series to be urban fantasy with a grim, dark edge to it and Cliff’s art has captured that mood perfectly.

You’ve written about many things that most people consider pretty scary, but what’s something that you find truly terrifying?
Family is ultra-important to me so I’d have to see knowing something was going to happen to them and being unable to stop it would be terrifying to me.

Read any good books lately?
I read 4-6 books per week so I’m always reading something. A few I’ve enjoyed recently have been Nicholas Kaufmann’s Dying is My Business (urban fantasy), Alex Berenson’s The Night Ranger (thriller), and James Moore’s Seven Forges (epic fantasy).

What piece of advice would you give to an aspiring writer?
Write the story that inspires you without thinking too much about whether it will sell or not. If it’s good, eventually it will sell. In the meantime, writing something that you don’t have your heart invested into will make you hate the act of writing.

What’s next for you?
I’ve returned to my Templar Chronicles series in recent months, so there will be a new novella in the next week or so (The Hungry Dark) and a new novel within the next few weeks (Judgment Day). I’m also in the midst of writing another book in the Rogue Angel series, this one based on the legend of Elizabeth Bathory.

Publication wise, I have a new Rogue Angel book coming out in January – The Treasure of Lima – and book two in the Great Undead War series – On Her Majesty’s Behalf – is slated for Summer 2014.

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New Orleans was nearly the death of Jeremiah Hunt, between a too-close brush with the FBI and a chilling, soul-searing journey through the realm of the dead that culminated with a do-or-die confrontation with Death himself. But now Hunt is back and on the run in Watcher of the Dark.

But when he performs an arcane ritual to reclaim the soul of the magically gifted, beautiful woman who once saved him, he must flee the law once again, to Los Angeles, city of angels, a temporary sanctuary.

In L.A., he has to contend with Carlos Fuentes, who sees in Hunt a means to obtain the mystical key that would open the gates of Hell. Fuentes knows Hunt’s weakness—his loyalty to the woman he loves, and to another “gifted” friend—and uses the real threat of torturing them as a way to get Hunt to help complete his dread quest.

Hunt has learned a lot since his life was irrevocably hijacked by fate months ago. But when his friends are threatened by the supernatural predator known as the Preacher, Hunt knows that all his newfound experience and ability will go for naught unless he can keep both the Preacher and Fuentes at bay long enough for him to somehow find a way to free his friends from mortal peril.

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