Box Office Poison (Linnet Ellery #2) by Phillipa Bornikova

*No spoilers for this one, but there may be spoilers for the first, so if you haven’t read the first book, you may want to check out my review of THIS CASE IS GONNA KILL ME

boxofficepoisonBox Office Poison by Phillipa Bornikova (Tor, Aug. 6th, 2013)-The Alfar (elves…gorgeous, gorgeous elves) are getting all the good parts in movies and television, and the humans aren’t happy. That’s where Linnet Ellery and her vampire boss, David, comes in. They’ve been asked to arbitrate a dispute between SAG and the Alfar after the humans sue for damages. It becomes increasingly clear that the Alfar are using their otherworldly powers to get parts, because frankly, their acting talents aren’t anything to write home about. A dispute that seems rather silly on the surface actually has some pretty interesting and timely implications, and for Linnet, it’s a chance to prove that she can hold her own. It also gives her a chance to enjoy the balmy LA weather and get close to some powerful Alfar in order to find out how she might help her friend and lover, John, who took imprisonment in Fey by his mother in exchange for saving Linnet’s life. When big name Alfar actors and actresses start going off the deep end and committing shocking acts of violence, Linnet is determined to get to the bottom of things, but at what cost?

I’ll put it out there right now…I love this series. I loved the first book, THIS CASE IS GONNA KILL ME, and BOX OFFICE POISON was a one day read for me. Linnet is a great narrator and while she’s smart and very savvy, she still makes mistakes, sometimes big ones. She holds her own in a firm filled with very alpha male vamps (in this world, they don’t make female vamps), and in the absence of John (aside from a brief scene), there’s some rather interesting tension between Linnet and her very proper, and old fashioned, vamp boss David, who she works closely with during the arbitration. Phillipa Bornikova (a pseudonym for a veteran author), has created a unique urban fantasy world with a heavy, and fascinating, dose of legal drama, and unique is something that’s becoming harder and harder to find in the crowded UF genre. There’s something delightfully quirky about Linnet and her world and it makes for some very fun reading. Don’t be fooled, though, there’s some pretty biting, and timely, social commentary to be had here, which raises this series up a notch or two above the rest. Do keep a lookout for an eye popping scene set at The Oscars, too! This is an intelligent fantasy series, and Linnet is a heroine worth rooting for. Her friends aren’t too shabby either. Not to be missed!

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