All Is Fair (Split Worlds #3) by Emma Newman

*Caught up with the series? If yes, then read on. If not, you may want to check out my reviews for Between Two Thorns and Any Other Name.

AllIsFair-300dpi (2)All Is Fair (Split Worlds #3) by Emma Newman (Angry Robot, Sept. 24th, 2013)-When Any Other Name ended, William had just committed a terrible act based on wildly inaccurate information. Now he’s Duke of Londinium, and that makes Cathy Duchess. Cathy is still recovering from her attack, but soon she’s back on her feet and more than ready to find out what happened to her old governess. She’s also keen to find like-minded women and men in Londinium that are ready to help her change things for the better, meaning equal rights for women and a possible end to the shadowy Agency. Luckily Cathy has the help of Arbiter Max and his gargoyle, and their job, which includes investigating the mass murder of most of the Bath Chapter, has just been made a bit more difficult since Max’s wizard is acting a bit off the rails. Either way, things are about to come to a head, and of course, Cathy will most likely be in the center of things.

Meanwhile, Sam is dealing with his own crisis in Mundanus, and has garnered the attention of Lord Iron of the Elemental Court. He’ll follow a trail of corruption, environmental destruction, and all manner of chaos that will lead right back to Lord Iron himself, and what he finds is a shocker. Speaking of shockers, Emma Newman throws plenty at her readers in the third installment of this wonderful fantasy/uf series. Cathy is discovering her own power, and it has nothing to do with magic. She’s begun to embrace the fact that in her position, she can do a tremendous amount of good, and she’s also warming up to William, who is showing himself to be much more than the sum of his (handsome) parts. It’s an unorthodox love story, to be sure, but strangely enough, it’s one of the most realistic that I’ve read in a while. There’s no swooning, and the road has been rough, but it’s been human. We also get to spend quite a bit of time with Max and his gargoyle, who I adore, and Max begins to long for what’s missing inside of him, since of course, his soul is housed in the gargoyle. There’s lots of action in this one, but there’s still all of the court intrigue and wonderful characterization that I’ve come to expect from the series, and a few very important threads are wrapped up. Don’t worry, though, the ending leaves plenty of hints of things to come, and I can’t wait.

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