The Zombie Whisperer (Living With the Dead #4) by Jesse Petersen

zombiewhispererThe Zombie Whisperer (IGW, Jan. 2013)My favorite zombie fighting couple, Sarah and David, have finally settled in at a lovely house in Montana. Surrounded by a whole lot of nothin’, David hopes to stay for a while, fighting off the occasional zombie and enjoying time with Sarah. Sarah is a bit more restless and isn’t quite sure she wants to dig in for the long haul. However, the subject is about to become a moot point when two old friends, Nicole and The Kid, show up, by helicopter no less, with some very big news. They’ve built a brand new lab and want Sarah and David to come help them work on what could be a cure for the zombie plague. They especially want David, who’s a little bit zombie himself, and may be the key to completing their research. The only problem is, the lab is in Seattle, where everything started for Sarah and David, and Sarah especially isn’t eager to revisit. However, it’s hard to say no to a possible cure for the zombie plague, so Sarah and David pack up and head off to Seattle. Once they reach the compound, David finds himself busy with numerous tests and Sarah finds herself bored and ready to get out and hunt some zombies, although, a secret is revealed that not only throws a bit of a wrench into that, but sends the whole compound into a frenzy. But then, trouble is nothing new for this power couple. Nothing they can’t handle, right?

I am a huge, ginormous, shamelessly squeeful fan of Jesse Petersen’s Living With the Dead series. What started out as a somewhat light, and funny, story of a couple on the verge of divorce forced to cope, together, in the middle of a zombie apocalypse, has turned into so much more! In this series, Jesse Petersen has created a complex world in which they must navigate, all the while maturing, growing as people, and learning to depend on one another again. Told in Sarah’s undeniably, and sharply snarky voice, The Zombie Whisperer has everything you want in a zombie novel: plenty of gooey zombie killing action and kick ass characters. But you also get a married couple to root for, and so many twists your head will spin! If you haven’t discovered this series yet, I urge you to get hold of Married With Zombies and work your way through. You won’t regret it, and while I’m sad to see the series end, no worries, Ms. Petersen has plenty up her sleeve!

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