Shapeshifted (Edie Spence #3) by Cassie Alexander

shapeshiftedShapeshifted by Cassie Alexander (St. Martins Press, June 4th, 2013)-After the climax of Moonshifted, Edie finds herself restless and out of place. Plus, she needs a job. Looking for a job, however, takes a backseat when she finds out her mother is desperately ill, and Edie decides she’ll do anything to help her, even if it involves making a deal with the Shadows. So she does. She’s tasked with finding Santa Muerte, or Saint Death. Apparently, she’s missing. The Shadows tell Edie if she finds her, then it’s possible they can help. When she gets a call about a job at a clinic that she’d applied for online, she figures it can’t hurt to check it out. What she finds is a clinic that cares for any and all that come in its doors, and it can be anyone from someone needing insulin to a gang member that’s been shot. It’s certainly a bustling place, and if the current crew, including the (rather sexy) doc in charge, Hector Tovar, intends to challenge Edie, she’s more than up to it. Edie has noticed, as well, murals of who she thinks is Santa Muerte, in the area, so it doesn’t hurt to poke around. A local boy, Olympio, with a grandfather who is a healer, proves to be a great help as well, but of course, trouble is never very far away from Edie. Trouble is actually a mild word in this case. So much effed up stuff happens in her search for Santa Muerte, not to mention just her daily grind at the clinic, it boggles the mind. Just when she thinks she’s gotten away from the supernatural community, the you-know-what hits the fan, and she finds herself in up to her neck again in vampires, turf wars, and a magic more powerful than anything she’s ever experienced. Oh, and Dren and his new, super creepy Hound. It’s just another day for Edie, right? Can she find Santa Muerte and save her mom, with her life intact?

If you’re caught up with the series, you know how much Edie has been through, and her mother’s illness is the last straw. As usual, she puts just about everyone else above herself, and seriously, the lengths this woman goes through to help people is just stunning. Unselfconscious bravery and selflessness are Edie’s hallmarks, even if she doesn’t think she’s anything special. Others think she’s very special, though, and some loose ends are tied up in this one in a way that I think will really make fans happy. Not to mention, guys, the twist in this one sent me into orbit. It’s pretty killer. In fact, everything about Shapeshifted is pretty darn killer. If it seems like I’m holding back here, it’s because I am. There’s a lot going on in this one, and I really don’t want to spoil anything. It’s just such a fun, scary, and even emotional read! This series just keeps getting better and better!