Review (& Giveaway): A Cursed Embrace (Weird Girls #2) by Cecy Robson

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acursedembraceA Cursed Embrace (Weird Girls #2) by Cecy Robson (Signet, July 2nd, 2013)-A Cursed Embrace starts about a week after Sealed With a Curse left off, with a dead wereracoon sprawled across the Wird’s doorway. Soon, Aric and his pack are on the way and Celia is dreading a confrontation with Aric, who hasn’t been in touch for a week. She thought they had something, but he seems to be pulling back, and Celia’s own hesitance makes things nearly impossible. We soon find out that there’s a legitimate reason for Aric’s reticence, but that takes a back seat when they find out that demons may be on the loose. Even master vamp Misha is scared, which isn’t an easy feat and his desire for Celia makes for an interesting little triangle, even if her heart is with Aric. After the events of the last book, Celia and Misha have become close, and she has come to value his friendship, even if Aric isn’t too thrilled. She sees the man behind the master vampire and their connection is undeniable, especially after saving each other’s lives. And THAT may be part of the problem. What Celia did for Misha may have smoothed the way for the new menace that they must deal with. Luckily, the Wird sisters have plenty of power at their disposal, and a master vamp and werepack at their backs. What could possibly go wrong?

I really enjoyed the first book in this series, and A Cursed Embrace continues the fun in spades. Ready for Celia and Aric to finally get a bit hot and heavy? A Cursed Embrace has you covered. We also get a glimpse into the sweet romances between her sisters and their were hotties, especially the whole Taran/Gemini issue and what the hell is going on with him. There are quite a lot of characters in this series, but things never get confusing and it’s one thing I really enjoy about it. Cecy Robson brings her characters to sparkling life and gives each one full histories and backgrounds. There are not much in the way of cookie cutter characterizations here. As in Sealed With a Curse, the author brings the action and doesn’t shy away from some pretty scary, and sometimes gruesome, situations. Demon babies, remember?? How do you think they come into the world? Yeahhh, I’ll just leave that one for you to discover. Oh, and if you’re looking for more from the Wird’s charming neighbor, Mrs. Mancuso, you’ll be pleased, and you will laugh.

This series really does have it all, and in an increasingly crowded genre, it’s a standout. Cecy Robson has most definitely avoided the sophomore slump and the only hard part of reading this series is having to wait for the next one to come out!

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  1. Loved the review! Thanks for the chance to win a copy!

  2. I loved book one and can’t wait to read this next installment. Thank you for the opportunity to win a copy!

  3. Great review! I enjoyed the first book and I can’t wait to read A Cursed Embrace. Thank you for the giveaway! 🙂

  4. Great covers and storylines!

  5. Wow. I’m blown away by the review. Thank you, Kristin, for taking the time to read, review, and feature A CURSED EMBRACE, and to everyone who stopped by.

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