Hunted (Iron Druid #6) by Kevin Hearne

huntedHunted (Iron Druid #6) by Kevin Hearne (Del Rey, June 25th, 2013)-Hunted is, indeed, the perfect name for this installment of the Iron Druid series because, well, that’s what Atticus, Granuaile, and Oberon are: hunted. When Hunted opens, we catch up to the little group in Romania, and Diana and Artemis are after the gang because of that whole ordeal with Bacchus (imprisonment on an island where time is frozen seems to rile up the Olympians-who knew?) They took it a bit personally, so they’re out for blood. They’re also very good at tracking, but Atticus is good too. However, Atticus is going to need all the tricks in his arsenal because it becomes very clear, very quickly, that Artemis and Diana have lots of help and Atticus isn’t quite sure who he can trust. A loss early on causes Atticus to reassess and using the Old Ways to shift planes isn’t an option, since they’ll surely be guarded. Besides, the Morrigan has had a vision, and right now, getting to a certain destination seems to be their only hope. Unfortunately, they’ll have more to worry about than Artemis and Diana. Luckily, our favorite Druid (and fave new Druid Granuaile), have more than one trick up their proverbial sleeves, but will it be enough?

Have you seen that old movie, It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad World, where Spencer Tracy and a rather colorful gang of folk pursue a huge chunk of stolen cash? Hunted is kinda like that, but with gods of every size, shape, and color pursuing Atticus and Co. Not everyone is after them, though. In fact, Odin throws in with some help every now and then (although admittedly, he always has his own agenda, but they’ll take what they can get), and their encounters with a certain being outside the Queen’s castle in England made for some of my favorite scenes. Yep, Atticus has quite a lot on his plate, staying alive and keeping Granuaile and Oberon alive being at the top, but there’s a much, much bigger problem on the horizon: Loki, the batshit crazy god of batshit crazy, and his lovely on one side and putrefying on the other sister, Hel. He’s got fireballs, people. It’ll take the cooperation of all the gods to get a handle on Crazy McCrazypants and avoid Ragnarok, but can he stop the squabbling long enough to convince them? Then there are the tooth fairies…

It’s certainly no secret that I love, love, love this series, but I’ll tell ya, Hunted is the best by far! I laughed, I got teary-eyed, and when the end came, I was so sorry to see it was over, but what an ending! Trust me on this one, guys. The fight scenes are epic: keep an eye out for a confrontation involving Zeus and Jupiter-I guffawed), the laughs are a-plenty, and of course, as always, it will tug at your heart, because these are characters that we’ve grown to love, right? I know I have. Be prepared for lots of surprises in this one, too. Also, as a bonus at the end, you’ll get to read Two Ravens and One Crow, an Iron Druid novella. Storytelling doesn’t get much better than this, folks. The author has caught lightning (pun intended) in a bottle and he keeps doing it again, and again. If you haven’t caught on to the joy that is the Iron Druid Chronicles, you should remedy that, post-haste.


  1. Kevin Hearne is my absolute favorite author. This series is a must read for EVERYONE. I mean it you will not be disappointed.

    I wish this was one of the books you were doing a contest for. I would be all over that…If you don’t know what to do with your copy you can always mail it to me 😉 lol

  2. Clearly I have to get caught up in the series. I just enjoyed listening to book 2 last month and have book 3 lined up soon.
    So glad to hear that the fun and excitement continue.

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  4. Is anyone else annoyed at the title? I really wanted it to be Trumped. (I would also have accepted Troubled or Tried.) I understand that the characters are actually being hunted and it makes perfect sense. But Hounded, Hexed, Hammered, and Tricked, Trapped, Hunted? UGH!

    • I left out Tracked! They keep trying to figure out how they’re being tracked by the hunters. That would have worked perfectly. It’s still bugging me.

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