Q&A (& Cover Re-reveal): Marianne de Pierres, author of the Night Creatures series

I’m a huge fan of Marianne de Pierres and was so excited to learn that her Night Creatures series will be available here in the US soon. We did a cover reveal earlier in the month, but she’s since revealed that the artist that did her wonderful AU covers, Jared Kubicki, will also do the international covers, with a few minor changes. So, enjoy the Q&A and behold these gorgeous covers!

NC_Kubicki_int_burn-bright (2)Marianne, I am so excited that your Night Creatures Trilogy (Burn Bright, Angel Arias, Shine Light) is finally available in the US! Will you tell us a bit about the series and what inspired you to write it?
Hi Kristin,
I had this idea about an island in eternal darkness, so I started researching nocturnal creatures. It fitted so well with my love of gothic architecture that I sat down to write and the characters introduced themselves. As the story developed, I realized I was writing about emotions I’d experienced as a teenager. It was a strange experience.

What was one of your favorite characters to write in the Night Creatures trilogy?
Lenoir because he’s such a mysterious, enigmatic and divine character. Everyone should have a Lenoir in their life! Suki was also great, because she’s that upbeat, cocky, stand-up part in all of us. The erson we all wish we had as a friend.

Are you planning to write more books in the world of the Night Creatures?
I don’t have contracts for any more at this stage but it depends on how things go with the international release. I hope so!

What do you love most about writing SF?
It challenges my thinking, and makes the impossible seem possible. I love the idea of not knowing what is around the corner but still having a crack at imagining it. To me SF is the ultimate escapism. I couldn’t imagine my life without SF ideas.

NC_Kubicki_int_angel-arias (2)You’ve written quite a few books for adults. Was it a challenge to transition to YA? What made you decided to write a young adult series?
I just started writing a story and it turned out to be YA, so it wasn’t really a conscious choice to step into a new writing genre. Having said that, I LOVE the YA reading audience and I’m so glad I made that leap.

Undoubtedly, you’ve been an influence on other writers. What are some of your favorite SF novels or writers?
So many, so I’ll limit myself to the real favourites:
Vermillion Sands (ss collection) – JG Ballard (love, love, love!)
Twilight Beach (ss collection) – Terry Dowling
Divine Endurance and Flowerdust – Gwyneth Jones
Rama Revealed – A C Clarke
Anything by Nicola Griffith though particularly Slow River
Anything by Ian MacDonald though particularly Brasyl and the Chaga series.
Anything by Vernor Vinge

What book(s) are you reading now?
Stuart MacBride – Close to the Bone

What’s next for you this year and beyond?
Another two crime novels, a 10-14 yo children’s series, a SF thriller for adults, a screenplay … you know … I like to keep busy!
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