2012 Bram Stoker Awards Final Ballot!

95d30/huch/1301/hl0039Every year, the Horror Writer’s Association presents the Bram Stoker Awards for Superior Achievement, named, of course, for Bram Stoker, the author of Dracula. A few weeks back, I posted the preliminary ballot for the awards, and today, the final ballot is out! Here I’ve listed the fiction nominees, but you can visit the Bram Stoker Award website to see nominees for screenplay, non-fiction, poetry, and more!

Winners will be announced in June at the 26th Annual Bram Stoker Awards Event! Congrats to all of the finalists!


  • Ethridge, Benjamin Kane – Bottled Abyss (Redrum Horror)
  • Everson, John – NightWhere (Samhain Publishing)
  • Kiernan, Caitlin R. – The Drowning Girl (Roc)-also a Nebula Award Finalist
  • Little, Bentley – The Haunted (Signet)
  • McKinney, Joe – Inheritance(Evil Jester Press) | My review


  • Boccacino, Michael – Charlotte Markham and the House of Darklings (William Morrow)
  • Coates, Deborah – Wide Open (Tor Books) | My review
  • Day, Charles – The Legend of the Pumpkin Thief (Noble YA Publishers LLC)
  • Dudar, Peter – A Requiem for Dead Flies (Nightscape Press)
  • Gropp, Richard – Bad Glass (Ballantine/Del Rey)
  • Soares, L.L. – Life Rage (Nightscape Press)


  • Bray, Libba – The Diviners (Little Brown)
  • Lyga, Barry – I Hunt Killers (Little Brown)
  • Maberry, Jonathan – Flesh & Bone (Simon & Schuster)
  • McCarty, Michael – I Kissed A Ghoul (Noble Romance Publishing)
  • Stiefvater, Maggie – The Raven Boys (Scholastic Press)
  • Strand, Jeff – A Bad Day for Voodoo (Sourcebooks)

thesixthgunGRAPHIC NOVEL

  • Bunn, Cullen – The Sixth Gun Volume 3: Bound (Oni Press)
  • Moore, Terry – Rachel Rising Vol. 1: The Shadow of Death (Abstract Studio)
  • Thornton, Ravi – The Tale of Brin and Bent and Minno Marylebone (Jonathan Cape)
  • Wacks, Peter J., and Guy Anthony De Marco – Behind These Eyes (Villainous Press)
  • Wood, Rocky, and Lisa Morton – Witch Hunts: A Graphic History of the Burning Times (McFarland)

lostgirlofthelakeLONG FICTION

  • Burke, Kealan Patrick – Thirty Miles South of Dry County (Delirium Books)
  • Ketchum, Jack, and Lucky McGee – I’m Not Sam (Sinister Grin Press)
  • McKinney, Joe, and Michael McCarty – Lost Girl of the Lake (Bad Moon Books)
  • O’Neill, Gene – The Blue Heron (Dark Regions Press)
  • Prentiss, Norman – The Fleshless Man (Delirium Books)


  • Boston, Bruce – “Surrounded by the Mutant Rain Forest” (Daily Science Fiction)
  • McKinney, Joe – “Bury My Heart at Marvin Gardens” (Best of Dark Moon Digest, Dark Moon Books)
  • Ochse, Weston – “Righteous” (Psychos, Black Dog and Leventhall Publication)
  • Palisano, John – “Available Light” (Lovecraft eZine, March 2012)
  • Snyder, Lucy – “Magdala Amygdala” (Dark Faith: Invocations, Apex Book Company)


  • Castle, Mort, and Sam Weller – Shadow Show (HarperCollins)
  • Guignard, Eric J. – Dark Tales of Lost Civilizations (Dark Moon Books)
  • Miller, Eric – Hell Comes to Hollywood (Big Time Books)
  • Scioneaux, Mark C., R.J. Cavender, and Robert S. Wilson – Horror for Good: A Charitable Anthology (Cutting Block Press)
  • Swanson, Stan – Slices of Flesh (Dark Moon Books)


  • Carroll, Jonathan – Woman Who Married a Cloud: Collected Stories (Subterranean Press)
  • Castle, Mort – New Moon on the Water (Dark Regions)
  • Hand, Elizabeth – Errantry: Strange Stories (Small Beer Press)
  • Hirshberg, Glen – The Janus Tree (Subterranean Press)
  • Oates, Joyce Carol – Black Dahlia and White Rose: Stories (Ecco)


  1. I need to track down that Jonathan Carroll collection. I’ve enjoyed everything of his that I’ve read.

    Kiernan’s book is getting a lot of positive buzz, what with its Nebula nomination as well. May need to see if the library has a copy handy.

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