Black Lament (Black Wings #4) by Christina Henry

Black Lament by Christina Henry (Ace, Oct. 2012)-**Note: If you haven’t started the series, check out my review of Black Wingsmild spoilers may be ahead**-Maddy can feel little tiny wings fluttering in side of her, and even though that signifies a little piece of Gabriel that she’ll always have, it’s cold comfort in the face of her loss. JB would like her to return to soul collecting and Lucifer is hinting that Maddy’s child might be better off with him. Maddy’s determined that he will never lay hands on her child, but she’s got other things to worry about in the meantime. Some very powerful fae are gunning for her, namely Oberon and Titania, and when she does return to her job, a few of the souls she’s been sent to collect are dispatched in hideous, violent ways. Can Maddy match wits with some pretty powerful fae and still keep her job, and her baby?

I love this series, and after the humdinger ending of Black Howl, I was eager to dive back into Maddy’s world, along with Beezle, Samiel, JB, and even Nathanial. Remember Nathanial, Maddy’s annoying betrothed? He’s been tasked with guarding her and Maddy finds herself trusting him more every minute and those tingles of attraction surely aren’t imaginary. This is hard for Maddy, because she sees it as a betrayal, but also knows she must move on eventually. Don’t worry, Maddy has plenty to occupy her, and one of my favorite scenes is a memorable spar with Oberon and there’s even an appearance from Puck. Ohhh, I loves me some Puck and really hope he makes further appearances in the series. Beezle is his usual snarky self, but aside from that, one of the things I love most about this series is the loyalty that exists between Maddy and her little dysfunctional, makeshift family. Prepare yourself for plenty of snark, plenty of action, and plenty of fun from this endearing and exciting series. Christina Henry has created a world that I can’t wait to revisit!


  1. Oh this series really does sound exciting! I’ve not read her before but I’m liking the sounds of it and will keep an eye out 🙂

    Anna@herding cats & burning soup

    PS- I love your little scroll work text dividers. So pretty!

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