Guest Post (& Giveaway): Chris Marie Green (aka Christine Cody)

Please welcome Chris Marie Green back to the blog! Chris is the author of the Vampire Babylon series and the Bloodlands Series under Christine Cody, and she just came out with a brand new novel with Nancy Holder and Linda Thomas-Sundstrom called Undead For a Day. Chris was kind enough to stop by and talk about her awesome new venture GothicScapes and she’s also giving away the first 3 books (signed) in her Vampire Babylon series (Night Rising, Midnight Reign, and Break of Dawn) to one lucky winner, so be sure to check out the details at the end of the post!

GothicScapes is a new “primarily digital venture” from three urban fantasy authors, Chris Marie Green (AKA Christine Cody), Nancy Holder, and Linda Thomas-Sundstrom. “Urban Fantasy (x) 3” is their official motto, and what it means is that they are three authors who’ve banded together under one brand to bring you fun, emotionally touching, action-filled, paranormal thrills three times a year, three novellas per collection!

First off, thank you for having me here! This is one of the most informative sites out there, and it’s always a pleasure to be a part of it.

It’s crazy how the business of writing has changed in just a few short years. But how exciting is it that people who were once told that their books didn’t “fit” or authors who were dropped by their print publishers are now experiencing a rebirth?

Self-publishing is opening up a lot of doors. I love being able to access books on my e-reader that haven’t been “discovered” by anyone else yet. And I love that, as an author, I can write something purely for fun.

That’s what we decided to do with GothicScapes. Have fun. Also, Nancy, Linda, and I absolutely adore a shorter story format–in this case, novellas–and we wanted to dive back into new and familiar worlds full of adventure, creepiness, and elements of romance. Hence, UNDEAD FOR A DAY!

This book is our first collective step into self-publishing, and the three novellas are connected by the thought of… Well, being undead for a day. There are revenants, witches, and gargoyles populating these pages, and when our follow-up collection, STRANGE SPIRITS, comes out in December, we’ll be focusing on–you guessed it–more ethereal creatures!

I won’t sugarcoat this–a lot of work has been involved with setting up GothicScapes. I knew that would be the case, but, as an author who has been published with Ace Books and Harlequin, I have a new appreciation for the production side of things.

First, since we decided to use a name to brand our “product,” we thought trademarking GothicScapes would be wise. If you don’t already know this, trademarking can be a drag, but we used a literary attorney to expedite the process and to make sure all our “t”s were crossed and “i”s were dotted.

We also had to visit Mr. Accountant to structure the money end of things. (By the way, this was not the Fun! part I already mentioned.)

The writing is definitely my favorite GothicScapes activity, but when you self-publish, it doesn’t stop when you type “THE END.” Nope–manuscripts still need editing. And then there’s formatting. Lovely, lovely formatting. It doesn’t end there, either: after those pages are wrangled into shape, we send them off to another formatter who structures the book so it can be uploaded into places like Amazon and Barnes & Noble, etc.

We also work with a fantastic cover designer at Croco Designs, and we write promo blurbs for sales sites and the book itself. Here’s what we came up with for UNDEAD FOR A DAY….

Samhain. All Hallow’s Eve. A night when zombie-like revenants can be raised by a magic-using, ancient family to exact revenge on the hunter who wrecked their underground kingdom… A time when a redheaded blackbelt pits herself against warmongering witch clans… A holiday that allows the Underworld to open and the creatures to pour out, their freedom governed by a gentleman’s agreement between the forces of Light and Dark.

Welcome to UNDEAD FOR A DAY, a collection of three novellas from a trio of reader favorite urban fantasy writers: Chris Marie Green, AKA Christine Cody (Vampire Babylon and Bloodlands series), New York Times Bestseller Nancy Holder (Wicked and Teen Wolf series), and Linda Thomas-Sundstrom (Vampire Moons and Wolf Moons series).

“Raising the Darkness” by Chris Marie Green (A Dawn Madison Vampire Babylon novella) reunites you with former hunter Dawn Madison, who hasn’t been the same since she retired from the life. She’s tired and drained from injuries sustained during the team’s last stand against the dragon, but when the clock strikes twelve on Samhain, everything changes. It seems that someone has sent raised-from-the-dark creatures after her, and they’re out for blood—as well as Dawn’s life.

In “Into the Fire” by Nancy Holder (A Story of the Favored,) Bridget Flynn leaps into a bonfire and goes from Samhain year wife at the first stroke of midnight to widow on the last. Caught in the middle of a feud between rival magical Houses, Bridget raises a battle force of her own. But can she survive in the midst of hot-tempered witches intent on destroying each other?

“Trapped in Stone” by Linda Thomas-Sundstrom takes us to Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, where the forces of Good and Evil are playing a game of Chicken with one man’s soul, and the woman he loves is a major player in a challenge that has continued for a century.

Snag a copy of Undead For a Day: Amazon | B&N

We hope that you’ll give us a try and that you come back for more. I’m giving away my first three Vampire Babylon novels (signed) to the winner, so go ahead and enter! Most importantly, enjoy.

To enter: You must be a US resident and leave a comment on the post! That’s it! Make sure you leave your email in the email section of the comment form so I can notify you if you win! Ends 11/15/12

Happy Hunting, you all!



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  8. Hi Chris I love ur books no matter what name you write under. I get lots of inspiration from you as I love to write myself though I have never been publish so I mainly just write for myself. But I love doing it. I hope someday to be a great of a writer as you are! Keep up the good work?

    • Aw, Leah! There I was, editing, doubting myself because I wasn’t sure something was working. Then I came here and–boom!–everything is okay again. 🙂 Your kindness means a lot to me, and I hope that, in the future, my books keep entertaining you.

      Someday, I’ll be reading your books!!!

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