Catching up with Kevin Hearne, author of the Iron Druid Chronicles + Giveaway!

It’s always a pleasure to have Kevin Hearne on the blog and he kindly agreed to do a fun little Q&A to catch us up on what he’s been up to since Hounded stormed onto the scene. If you haven’t discovered this amazing series, you’re certainly in for a treat, and we’ve also got a copy of TRAPPED (out 11/27) for one lucky winner (and it’s SIGNED!). So, please welcome Kevin back to the blog!

Sooooo, BOOK 5!! Trapped is out next week! Are you stoked?
Heck yes! I have a cigar and a whiskey all picked out and I can’t wait for people to meet the new characters!

Will you give our readers a little teaser of what’s to come in Trapped? Will poor, overworked Atticus get a moment of peace?
Well, yeah, he got twelve years of peace—that was Granuaile’s training period! So of course I skipped all of that, heh heh. Once Atticus strays from his hideout, plenty of his old enemies want a piece of him, and that’s where we start.

But Atticus gets some new enemies as well. The best bit for me was working with the dark elves and dwarfs—giving them a magic system and a backstory that people haven’t seen before and that’s also tied (sometimes loosely) to the original Norse mythology.

It’s been an amazing couple of years for you. Not too many other authors can claim 5 books in just 2 years. Seriously. Has it been a blur?
It’s actually less than two years! 18 months if I’m counting correctly. My secret is that I actually wrote those books at a somewhat normal pace. I began HOUNDED in 2008 and didn’t finish HAMMERED until halfway through 2010, and then I started on TRICKED. Del Rey just published the first three all at once in the summer of 2011, making it appear that I write at superhuman speeds, and then TRICKED came out the next spring—so yeah, four books, three short stories, and a novella released within twelve months, and now TRAPPED is almost here. From now on my books will come out about seven to eight months apart. That’s still pretty fast but hopefully manageable.

You’ve toured, you’ve met fans and other authors. What’s been a few of your favorite highlights of, you know, publishing one of the best urban fantasy series out there right now?
Going to San Diego Comic Con the past couple of years has been absolutely fabulous because I got to meet so many of my writing heroes and fanboy all over them. Plus it was sort of a nerdy pilgrimage, you know, where the world’s geeks all congregate to worship at the altar of awesome. I also really enjoyed my little mini-tour through the south this summer, starting with Dallas and meeting you and author Jaye Wells. In Lexington I met these two teachers with the most beautiful accents from eastern Kentucky; I sincerely wish I had an audiobook of bedtime stories in that accent.

In Atlanta I had legendary barbeque and was introduced to the coolest kid ever, Maggie, who’s been cosplaying at Dragon*Con since she was five and is now reading my books at age twelve. And in the past two months I’ve gotten to hang out with a couple of my favorite writers, Nicole Peeler and Cherie Priest, so that filled up my squee gauge to full.

What’s next? How do you plan to wrap up 2012?
I’m working on edits for HUNTED right now and then I have to outline the Star Wars novel I’m writing featuring Luke Skywalker. I’m in Nerdvana I guess; I have much for which to be thankful, starting with my readers. And thank you for having me here! Cheers!
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After twelve years of secret training, Atticus O’Sullivan is finally ready to bind his apprentice, Granuaile, to the earth and double the number of Druids in the world. But on the eve of the ritual, the world that thought he was dead abruptly discovers that he’s still alive, and they would much rather he return to the grave.

Having no other choice, Atticus, his trusted Irish wolfhound, Oberon, and Granuaile travel to the base of Mount Olympus, where the Roman god Bacchus is anxious to take his sworn revenge—but he’ll have to get in line behind an ancient vampire, a band of dark elves, and an old god of mischief, who all seem to have KILL THE DRUID at the top of their to-do lists.


  1. I am so excited for Trapped! I geek out over Iron Druid Chronicles. 😉

  2. Yay, I’m so happy that Trapped is coming, I can’t wait to find out what happens next for Atticus and Granuaile.

  3. I can’t wait until Trapped is here!!! I miss Snugglepumkin’, Atticus and Granuaile 🙂

  4. I have been waiting so impatiently for this!!! HURRY!

  5. LOVE Kevin and loved meeting him this summer in Lexington! Hope to win this copy of TRAPPED!

  6. So excited!! I’m re-reading all 4 and 1/2 of the series now to get ready for the release of #5!!

  7. I am so excited! So looking forward to this book! 😀

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  9. Dave Robinson (@dcrwrites)

    Awesome – I have entered – big fan of Kevin (and he’s a gamer so doubleplusgood

  10. I won Hounded on Goodreads, and have been aN Attitcus/Oberon/Granuaile fan since! How awesome it would be to win a signed copy!

  11. Really looking forward to Trapped!
    This is a really good series.
    p.s. i’m not much of a Tweeter, but I can’t get Twitter to work on a Mac, and my iPod doesn’t give me the link of my Tweet, so I couldn’t put it in my contest entry.
    I hope I’m still entered!

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