Interview (& Giveaway): Phillipa Bornikova, author of This Case Is Gonna Kill Me

Please welcome Phillipa Bornikova to the blog! She’s the author of This Case is Gonna Kill Me and was kind enough to answer a few of my questions. Also, we’ve got a copy of the book up for grabs, so be sure to check out the details below the post!

This Case is Gonna Kill Me just came out last month, and I loved it! What was your inspiration for this book?
I am a reformed attorney, and I realized looking around the urban fantasy landscape that not a lot had been written about the halls of power – law, finance, politics. It seemed to me that if supernatural creatures existed they would have a profound impact on our culture and economics. And there’s a tradition in the law to call very prestigious law firms “white shoe” firms. It just worked so perfectly for a vampire law firm to be a “white fang” firm.

For those that haven’t read it, will you tell us a bit about it?
It’s the story of a young, human woman who starts work at a prestigious vampire law firm. She soon finds herself involved in a series of bizarre murders, and while she’s handling the legal aspects of her career she begins to realize there is something bizarre about her as well.

What sort of research did you do for the novel?
My first case when I went to work at a law firm was a fight over a will that had gone on for almost two decades. That was the foundation for the plot of the book. I also manage a small natural gas company so issues of economics also interests me a great deal so I took a look at how humans would find ways to make money off the presence of supernatural creatures in our midst.

When you started writing, did you have a plan for a series, or did you just decide to see where Linnet took you?
I’m architect – meaning I plot like crazy so I have an arc for Linnet as she figures out things about herself. I also had a three book contract so I needed to have a plan on how the journey would lay out across those three books.

What are some of your biggest literary influences?
I love science fiction and mysteries which is one of the things that makes urban fantasy so fun. It’s a fusion of a number of different genres. It’s also what makes it hard. In terms of authors who I think have affected me – John le Carre, and Hemmingway. I tend to like short, to-the-point sentences over more elaborate prose.

If you could read one book again for the very first time, which one would it be?
The Lord of the Rings. (which really is one book arbitrarily divided into 3) That story was simply breathtaking.

What are you reading now?
C. J. Cherryh the latest in her FOREIGNER series.

What’s next? Do you have anything to share with us about upcoming projects or events (or anything at all!)?
I am writing a movie for Universal Pictures. I have the third Linnet book to write, and I have a space opera I really want to write. I’ve got the 6 books plotted in broad strokes. Now I need to write some opening chapters of book one, and really get the plots nailed down.
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