Guest Post: Angie Fox’s new Monster MASH series + Giveaway

Please welcome Angie Fox to the blog! She’s here to talk about her brand new Monster MASH series and there’s also a giveaway, so be sure to check out the details below the post!

Sit, Sit, SIT! Tips for Training Your HellHound

KILLEN, ALABAMA–When your hellhound is living up to every inch of its name, who you gonna call?

Now, Cesar Millan. The famed Dog Whisperer is taking on a whole new breed—and it’s a supernatural one. In his new book, “Ghost Doggie, Good Doggie”, Millan shows that he’s more than up to the challenge—even when the canines in question involve bad tempers, super strength, foul odors, and the sometimes-annoying ability to be able to talk back. Here’s a few of his pointers that might help you train your paranormal pooch.
• Stay calm. Your first instinct may be to freak when Fido starts giving you the (really) evil eye—but don’t react. Your dog will mirror your energy. If you’re frustrated, he will be, too!
• Pondering why your pooch is exhibiting problem behaviors like snorting fire on the drapes, or chewing through cement? A lack of exercise is probably to blame. “Dogs need physical and mental stimulation. Period. It doesn’t matter if they’re on this plane or not,” says Millan. A rousing game of fetch-the-skull or a long walk through a menacing mist might just do the trick.
• If your haunted hound has more than one head, make sure to give each one a tasty tidbit if you want to get all their attention (and keep jealousy to a minimum). “Don’t be stingy—this is a great opportunity to bond with all of them,” says Millan. For an inexpensive, yet unexpected treat, try dried devilswort or pickled frog livers. “They’re easy to keep hidden in your hand, and I haven’t met a black beast yet who could resist a bit of liver.”

So why am I on here, talking about hellhounds? It’s all part of the launch of Immortally Yours, the first book in the new Monster MASH series. The books take place in and around a paranormal MASH unit during a seemingly endless war.

The heroine and her colleagues at the MASH 3063rd have been drafted until the end of the conflict, which is bad for her but even worse for people like her vampire roommate, Marius. They’re living in this quirky, ad-hock camp, trying to make the best of it while they work long hours in the OR, putting soldiers back together – knowing that they’re probably going to see these injured heroes again and again – if they’re lucky.

I wanted to give readers a taste of the series. So I set up a special website for PNN (The Paranormal News Network), which is the news outlet covering the war. is the supernatural version of CNN, with a few exceptions. Sure, PNN can be a little sensationalistic, with articles like: “Mayan Insider Scoop! Developed Armageddon “Prophecy” After Tequila Bender” and “Five Things in Your Lair That Can Kill You.” But, hey, nobody’s perfect.

I figured PNN would be a fun way to give everyone a sneak peek at the kind of world I’ve created in my new series. To celebrate, I’m giving away a copy of Immortally Yours right now. Just check out and post the title of your favorite article in the comments below! (International/Ends 9/14) 

Snag a copy of Immortally Yours: Amazon | B&N

About Angie Fox:
Angie Fox is the New York Times bestselling author of books about demon slayers, werewolves and things that go bump in the night. She claims that researching her books can be just as much fun as writing them. In the name of fact-finding, Angie has ridden with Harley biker gangs, explored the tunnels underneath Hoover Dam and found an interesting recipe for Mamma Coalpot’s Southern Skunk Surprise (she’s still trying to get her courage up to try it).
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  1. “Flip Flop Frankenstein” – too funny! It was so easy to picture Tom Cruise as Frankenstein in that article.

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  3. I really like the Sasquatch “Don’t Call Me Bigfoot” article. Thanks for the chance to win!
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  4. I love these articles. So far my favorite is still “Use Your Inside Voices: Tips From A Banshee Babysitter”. I think these tips could come in handy when I babysit for my nephews (not that I think they are demons or anything though, lol).
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  5. I think they’re all great but Don’t Call Me Bigfoot is my favorite.
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  6. Fantastic paranormal news website! I really enjoyed “Use Your Inside Voices: Tips From A Banshee Babysitter”.

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  8. It has to be “Sit, Sit, SIT! Tips for Training Your HellHound”.


  9. hi angie!! this one is my all time pnn favorite! thanks for posting it here

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