Blog Tour: Jefferson Bass, author of The Inquisitor’s Key

Jefferson Bass (Jon Jefferson and Bill Bass) is gearing up for the release of their brand new Body Farm novel, The Inquisitor’s Key on May 8th, and they were kind enough to write a bit on the story behind the novel. There’s also a trailer for the book, so be sure to take a look! Enjoy!

The Inquisitor’s Key:
Medieval Mystery Meets Modern Murder

What if the John Doe in a forensic case was a skeleton from the closet of none other than the Pope? What if that skeleton had been in the papal closet – actually, mortared into the wall – of the Palace of the Popes for seven centuries, hidden in a stone ossuary and sealed with papal seals? And what if the inscription on the ossuary implied that the scarred bones were those of Christ himself? Truth or hoax – that’s the question facing bone detective Bill Brockton and his assistant, Miranda. Called to Avignon, France, to authenticate or disprove the authenticity of the ancient bones, Brockton takes on the case of the millennium in The Inquisitor’s Key. Think TV’s “Bones” meets The Da Vinci Code and you’ll be close to the mark.

This is the seventh novel in the bestselling Body Farm series, by ‘Jefferson Bass’ (the pen name of writer Jon Jefferson and forensic anthropologist Bill Bass). Loyal fans will find that this intricately plotted forensic thriller takes the series to a new level. Readers new to Jefferson Bass can dive right in, as this book doesn’t require any prior knowledge—just an interest in forensics, murder, and first-rate sleuthing … set against a historic background that’s literally drop-dead gorgeous. The stakes are high and the suspense is even higher in The Inquisitor’s Key!

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