Darkest Knight (Knight’s Curse #2) by Karen Duvall

Darkest Knight (Knight’s Curse #2) by Karen Duvall
LUNA/March 20, 2012
Urban Fantasy
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“Betray your sisters or your lover. You choose.”

After the warrior she loves saved her from a murderous gargoyle, Chalice watched helplessly as Aydin turned into a gargoyle himself. Now, free from the curse that enslaved her, Chalice pledges to join her sister knights in The Order of the Hatchet—and do whatever it takes to regain Aydin’s humanity…and his love. What she encounters within their hallowed sanctuary is pure intrigue.

Someone—or something—is murdering her sisters in their sleep, provoking fear and suspicion among the order. Meanwhile, Aydin, unable to stay away, starts haunting Chalice’s dreams, urging her onward. Ultimately, Chalice will be faced with an agonizing choice—one that will tear away at her newfound identity and force her to choose between duty and desire….

REVIEW (No spoilers, but assumes you’ve read Knight’s Curse)
In Darkest Knight, Chalice has joined her fellow sisters of the Hatchet Knights at Halo House, which is run by her grandmother, Aurora. Chalice is thrilled to meet her grandmother and is also excited (and nervous) about her role in teaching the squires in the art of using charms. She has her guardian angel along with her, and is no longer under the thumb of her evil adoptive father, Gavin. Not everything is good, though. Her lover, Aydin, is still a gargoyle, and the only way he can become human is to eat the heart of another gargoyle. Also, someone is killing Chalice’s sisters, and if she doesn’t find the culprit soon, more lives will be lost.

I enjoyed this one, although it didn’t dazzle me like Knight’s Curse. I think the reason for that is that I was already familiar with the worldbuilding, so it wasn’t a matter of uncovering the coolness on a near constant basis, which happened with Knight’s Curse. Most of the first half takes place in Halo House, getting to know the various squires, and Chalice learns that her new job may not be as easy as she thought. When she gets into the nitty gritty of chasing the unknown killer is when things really get fun, though, and definitely get darker. Chalice will not only have to confront an ancient evil, but she’ll also have to also confront her own destiny, which is, after all, to join with her guardian angel and conceive a child that will eventually become a knight. Like I said, the action in the second half really picked up, and that’s when I found myself turning the pages a little bit quicker. I like Chalice, a lot, even if she is a little bit more forgiving than I would be (you’ll see what I mean), and I’m looking forward to the next book in the series!

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  2. I am interested in this installment and the second half ‘intrigue’ that you mention.

    Thanks for sharing your review!

  3. Is it just me or does the girl on the front cover kind of look like Emma Watson? O.o Sisters or your lover? I would choose lover since I don’t have any sisters 😀

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