Tsunami Blue (Tsunami Blue #1) by Gayle Ann Williams

Tsunami Blue (Tsunami Blue #1) by Gayle Ann Williams
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Paranormal Romance/Fantasy
Tsunami Blue series
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Welcome to the near future, where our blue planet has been forever changed by a series of deadly tsunami waves…

With her badass rain boots, her faithful dog, and the ability to predict the monster tsunamis that have reduced the Earth to a series of islands, Kathryn “Blue” O’Malley isn’t afraid of much. Cut off from all society, she takes to the airwaves as Tsunami Blue, hoping to save something of humanity as the world around her crumbles. But Blue should be afraid, because her message reaches the wrong ears. . .

Now she is the target of ruthless pirates known as Runners who want to use her special talents for their own profiteering – as soon as they can find her. Blue’s only shot at survival lies with the stranger who washes up nearly naked on her rocky beach. A man who might just be working for Runners himself. Torn between suspicion and attraction, the two will have to navigate a surging tide of danger if they hope to stay alive.

It’s 2023 and the world has been devastated (and reduced to mostly islands) by killer tsunamis. 24 year old Kathryn O’Malley (aka Tsunami Blue), lives by herself with her dog Max and takes to the airwave where she uses her gift to warn whoever is listening, when a tsunami is on its way. You see, the ocean speaks, and Blue can hear it. Her hopes of saving as many lives as possible keep her going in a world that’s seemingly gone to hell. Constantly on the lookout for pirates (aka Runners) who would capture Blue and use her for her gift (to pillage and plunder), Blue is always on alert, and knows how to protect herself, so when a handsome stranger washes up on her shores, all her barriers come crashing down. Gabriel Black looks like an angel, albeit a dark one, and at first, Blue takes him for dead. She manages to get him back to her cabin and eventually nurses him out of hypothermia, only to find out he’s a dreaded Runner. Or is he?

I was so surprised at how much I enjoyed this little gem! I kinda fell in love with Blue, in spite of myself. She’s stubborn, untrusting (for good reason), and often bites off a little more than she can chew. But! She’s also refreshingly innocent (having been by herself for so long), is killer with a knife, and has a heart as big as the tsunamis that she predicts. A big part of the appeal of Tsunami Blue is the playout between Blue and Gabriel. In spite of his seemingly sinister background with the dreaded Runners, he’s determined to protect Blue at all costs, and seems to already harbor a serious crush on her. Blue, in spite of the undeniable attraction, is just determined to steal his boat and escape. Gabriel, excruciatingly so, manages to hold on to his mysterious origins, and the reasons for kidnapping Blue, for almost the whole book. So frustrating!! Yes, but it’s totally worth the payoff. Trust me on this one!

Tsunami Blue’s world is a cross between Mad Max and Waterworld (yes, I liked that movie, feel free to comment on that below), and I thoroughly enjoyed the engaging, fascinating characters that the author populated it with. The Runners are absolutely terrifying, and Blue is not afraid to get her hands dirty when engaging with them. She fights for her life right along with the best of them, and is a force to be reckoned with. The sweet romance with Gabe makes a nice counterpoint to the relatively dark world and that our hero and heroine are living in. However, Tsunami Blue is no frou frou romance. The worldbuilding is great, the fighting is fierce, and the perils are terrifying. You’ll zip through it wanting to know what happens next right now, not to mention wanting Gabe and Blue to get together already! Loved this one, and hope you will too!

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  1. Book sounds great, and I would love to read it!!!! PS..I somewhat liked Waterworld too!!! Thanks for the giveaway.

  2. Hahaha, I loved Waterworld too!
    Great review, I love the sound of this book! And with it being a mix of Mad Max and Waterworld, two great movies, I don’t think I can resist.

  3. Don’t suppose you know how many books are planned for this series? I will have to figure that out.

  4. Oh I like the thoughts of a mix of Mad Max and Waterworld! Cool! And can I say I love the cover of the sword and tattoos. hee hee. Thank you!!

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