Early Review: A Sliver of Shadow (Abby Sinclair #2) by Allison Pang

A Sliver of Shadow (Abby Sinclair #2) by Allison Pang
Pocket/Feb. 28th, 2012
Urban Fantasy
Abby Sinclair series
Kind thanks to Pocket for providing a review copy

REVIEW (no major spoilers, but assumes you’ve read A Brush of Darkness. If not, you can read my review here)

Abby Sinclair has her hands full. She’s taking care of Moira’s half angel/half faerie son Benjamin while Moira is off on the Queen’s business, her bodyguard Talivar (also Moira’s brother) is showing more than a passing interest in doing a little more than just guarding Abby’s body, she’s becoming more and more proficient in the Dreaming, while also fielding “Dear Abby” letters from the OtherFolk of Portsmyth. See, Abby is Moira’s TouchStone, which gives Moira the ability to stay in the mortal world without limitations and travel the CrossRoads of Faerie at will. Abby is also a KeyStone, which means that she can be TouchStoned to someone without a contract, just by physical contact. Abby’s also still reeling a bit from her breakup with Brystion (incubus and full on hottie.) Full plate! Things start getting really weird when a kidnap attempt is made on Benjamin by a woman claiming to be the new Protectorate of Portsmyth. That’s a big problem, since the current Protectorate is Moira. So, where exactly is Moira?

Unfortunately, that’s not all that’s gone wrong. The Queen is not acting like herself, and some pretty severe steps have been taken, which are taking their toll on Faerie, and war may be brewing between daemons and faeries. I really enjoyed A Brush of Darkness, but Allison Pang really brings the awesome with this one. Still have questions about Abby’s past ( I know I did)? Don’t worry, lots of those will be answered here, and then some. Were you hoping for a sweeter love story for Abby, as well? Talivar certainly fits that bill. I could go on a bit about Talivar…but I digress. I mean, Ion was hot, but fickle, and sometimes a bit of a jerk, but what do you expect from an incubus? If you love Faerie, again, you’ve come to the right place. The author’s world building is nothing short of excellent. Seriously, it was good in the first book, but it’s awesome in this one. Abby will not only have to navigate her new and delicate relationship with Talivar, but she’ll also have to do it while navigating the labyrinthine intrigues of Faerie, including a rather memorable trip through the outskirts of Faerie and some sticky negotiation with the Unseelie. Court intrigue abounds, and the author is expert at weaving in some pretty cool pop culture references while tying together multiple plot strings with some pretty intricate knots. I mean, she references Portal…how cool is that?

Abby is one of my favorite characters in urban fantasy right now, and her supporting cast is almost as awesome. Phin, your favorite wee, ass-biting, panty wallowing unicorn is back in all his glory, and shockingly enough, you get to see a more serious side of that rude little guy in this one. It’s kind of…disconcerting, yet also very cool. Allison Pang actually takes the time to really flesh out her minor characters and you find yourself caring about them almost as much as her major players. How she does it, I don’t know, but she’s captured magic in a bottle twice, and I’m also counting on the third time being a charm. Trust me, at the end of this one, your jaw will drop and you’ll begin the countdown for the next book. Very, very highly recommended!

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  1. I totally agree with you, this one was even better than the first one and I just loved reading it. So many things happen, it’s impressive. I can’t wait to read the third one as well now. Great review.

  2. You’re so lucky you got this one for review! It gets even better huh? I can’t wait to read it (even more!) now!

  3. Ga! See I’m so far behind in books. *whimper* I do want to give this series a go, one of these days. Thank you for the wonderful review!

  4. Great review!! I loved this book so much, my favorite parts were when she traveled to her Dreaming Heart. Her experiences are always so intense and intimate there. I liked that Phin, though he’s still a horny clown, he’s also got more role in the overall story now. I don’t LOVE the love triangle aspect, but I have faith that it can work cuz the writing is so good. Thank goodness we get this third book this Fall!!

  5. And I thought I had a full plate! Mine must be a much smaller plate than Abby’s Wonderful review, it sounds like a great read!!! Have to add it to my TB list.:)
    Thank you for having this giveaway!!!
    Sharon K

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