MBW’s Holiday Gift Ideas for Book Lovers!

The weather is getting cooler (for some, just plain frigid), Santa is making the rounds at the local malls, and my kids are making long lists of goodies they want for Xmas. It’s also the time of year when I can buy frivolous things for my friends and family with no guilt, and eat lots of cookies, but I digress… No matter how you celebrate, here’s my list of cool (in my opinion) gifts that will appeal to any booklover (and as you can see, I’m a huge supporter of Etsy folk)! Happy shopping!


by Timewatch

For the jewelry lover:
*Fairytale Book Locket ($31.20) by Hidden Eloise
*Turquoise Bird and Silver Book Locket Necklace ($28.50) by Iana
*Steampunk Book Locket Necklace ($32.00) by Timewatch
*Mini book Earrings ($15.50) by anticovalore
*Flight of the Dragonfly Silver Book Locket Necklace ($28.00) by TrashAndTrinkets
*Louisa May Alcott “She is too fond of books, and it has turned her brain” Quote Necklace ($16.50) by BookishCharm
*Jane Austen Ring – “Mr. Darcy” Pride and Prejudice – Vintage Paperback Book ($14.00) by LolaSeesStars
*Gothic Steampunk Octopus Necklace ($27.00) by CosmicFirefly


by BarrelOfMonkeys

For the home:
*Edgar Allan Poe Hollow Book Safe ($45.00) by Hollow Book
*Jane Austen Quote Dish Towels ($30 for 3) by Brookish

For the zombie lover:
*Little Book of Zombie Limericks Set (Vol. 1-3/$15.00) by zombietoes
*Zombie Love 5 inch silver bookmark ($6.00) by BarrelOfMonkeys

For the kids:
*Bookworm Plush ($12.00) by FlakyFriends
*Vintage Children’s Books Wooden Blocks ($35.00) by StackBlocks
*The King’s 6th Finger Children’s Book ($9.99) by Jolby
*Elementary, My Dear Watson Children’s Book ($18.00) by UnicornEmpirePrints
*Personalized Fairy Tale Story Book at RedEnvelope.com ($39.95)
*Personalized Pirate Story Book by RedEnvelope.com ($39.95)


by HesedBooksAndGifts

Other awesomeness:
*Tree of Life Vintage Natural Handmade Leather Journal Cover ($79.00) by LeatherDruid
*Christmas elf in the book art bookmark ($25.00) by MyBookmark
*Book Ninja Bookmarks ($4.50) by HesedBooksAndGifts
*“I Love Books” Zipper Pouch ($12.00) by kukubee
*“fat books are so sexy” Button by ($1.50) by beanforest

Well, there it is, gang! Go forth and buy, and have a wonderful holiday!


  1. Thank You for posting about these. I know a few people who would like some of the things here and I’m one of them. Good thing Christmas is right around the corner.

  2. These are great! Thanks for posting them…

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