Interview (& Giveaway): Dakota Cassidy, author of Accidentally Catty and more!

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend, and I thought, what better way than to kick off the week than to have the incomparable Dakota Cassidy on the blog! Dakota is the author of the Accidentals series, the Hell series, and much more awesomeness. I’ve also got a signed copy of The Accidental Werewolf for one lucky winner, so be sure to check out the details at the end of the post!

Please welcome Dakota to the blog!

Dakota, you’re the author of the Accidental series, the Ex-Trophy Wife series, the Hell series, and so much more! Did you always know you wanted to be a writer?
No—it happened purely by accident. Long story short, I stumbled across a review site in the back of a paperback, looked it up online, found out you could get free books for reviews, and sent in a sample review. They gave me a gig, which fed my reading addiction. In the process of all those reviews, I read a frillion erotic eBooks and had a crazy idea one day after watching a Yoplait yogurt commercial. I wrote it. A friend talked me into submitting it. The next batch of madness is what’s become my career. LOL! I didn’t plan it. I didn’t do any of the things aspiring writers do because I didn’t know I should. I just did it. And now look… 

What do you like most about writing paranormal romance/romance and have you ever considered writing in another genre?
I know no one would evah in a million believe this, but I love an HEA. I’m a total gooey marshmallow on the inside and nothing makes me happier than when two people find true love. I also love finding said true love in say, the fiery depths of Hell or with a vampire who eats Ring-Dings. The paranormal aspect and the humor in my writing allow me to create the utterly ridiculous and then take it up a couple of notches. As to writing in another genre—absolutely. If an idea struck me, I’d definitely give it a go. But so far, my heart belongs to romance!

Your books are hilarious! How do you bring the funny over and over? Is there a trick you use to keep your writing fresh?
I really don’t think I’m all that funny, and I truly think that’s been the key for me. The scenes or dialogue I think are a gas usually go totally unnoticed. It’s the stuff that I think is so stupid I should be flayed and strung up at a writer’s convention for that seems to make folks giggle. When I sit down to write, I absolutely don’t remind myself that my label is funny and I’d better produce or I’m screwed. I’m just going with the general consensus and praying no one finds me out.

What’s one of your most unusual writing quirks?
I don’t really have any quirks per se. I do have things I need when I write—like my smokes, a bottle of water and some Zamfir. Yes. I said Zamfir. Don’t judge. He soothes the crazy.

What are a few of your favorite authors?
I love, love, love Nina Bangs, Stephen King, Dean Koontz, Karen Rose and SEP.

What’s on your nightstand right now?
Money for services rendered 😉  No. I’m kidding. I’m sort of OCD about organization, so I have a pic of the DH and me at our wedding and an alarm clock. Oh, and a lamp. That’s it.

You have a busy family life and you’re also an animal lover with a house full of pets! How do you juggle a full writing schedule with the demands of a family?
You know, lately, I’ve asked myself the same. For some reason, when the kids were younger, it seemed much easier. Now they need bigger things from me in terms of time. My youngest always seems to need a ride somewhere for some project so he can go to some stupid Ivy League school and rape me of some more cash. Or he’s hungry and wants to go to McDonalds. When he was little, I just sent him to bed. Now, if I do that, he’s going to plot my death.

So I try to think of a future that includes me alive and him paying for my retirement village home in like Albuquerque. LOLLOL! My mom lives with and she’s always chaos in motion. So I try to write at night mostly—when all the little soul suckers have gone to bed. I also make a point of writing no less than 5K a day. I treat this writing gig just like I would a job I’d go to every day from 9-5. But it ain’t easy when you’re mom interrupts you to tell you there’s a Murder She Wrote marathon on.

Dakota, you always look great, and your hair is the stuff of legend, at least with me and Chelsea of VBC (thank you for letting us pet it, by the way!) How do you maintain such fabulousness with such a busy schedule? I can barely find time to brush my hair, so I’m in complete awe!
You two are a rarity indeed. I don’t love having my hair touched and it comes from when I was little. I had kinky curly hair, and my mom used baby oil to get a comb through it. I can still feel the burn of all that tugging! As to the fabulousness, I pay a lot of money for maintenance. A lot. Soon I’ll have to add monthly botox payments to a plastic surgeon if things keep going downhill like they have been. And I don’t look like what you all witness when you see me at a convention or signing. Trust that. I have my hair in a chip clip, no makeup, and my Pajama Jeans on. You’d all be so disillusioned to see the real DC. So.

You’re such an accomplished writer. Is there any advice that you would give to writers struggling to get published?
I appreciate the compliment, but I don’t feel accomplished. I always feel, and always will feel, that I can improve. That no matter what, there’ll always be room for improvement. Not to mention, I feel more blessed than anything else. I’m pretty lucky to have sold one book being the kind of hack I am.

And if I could give one piece of advice to aspiring writers—it would be this: Don’t ever get too full of yourself. The second you believe your own hype is the second someone comes and steals your hype and sells it on eBay. It’s so important to be able to suck up the criticisms that come with this line of work. It’s important to listen. It’s important to remember there’s always someone smarter, prettier, faster, overall better than you. Don’t let anyone steal your dream, but while in pursuit of that dream—be humble, listen to your gut and don’t be a jerk.

Is there any other news of upcoming events or projects that you’d like to share with us (makeup/hair /general fabulousness tips always welcome)?
Never wear the color yellow on your body. EVER. It looks good on like two people in the world. Save it for furniture and walls, flowers—a nice sports car. LOL! As to upcoming releases, I have Waltz This Way in March 2012, Accidentally Dead Again in June 2012, and The Accidental Genie in Nov of 2012!

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    *Giggles* I love your sense of humour! What a great interview. Thank you for the chance at this fabulous prize!
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    Time and being a bit backed up was the only thing stopping me. (damn, sounds like I need x-lax or something)

    Plus with the awesome (my grandson’s name is Dakota) name like Dakota…

    I agree with Dakota’s tastes. Nina Bangs is a hoot to read and saw Karen Rose once and will never forgot or let her live down her rabid otter story. What can I say. Grammar lessons don’t stick, but tell me a rabid otter story and it’s ON!

    Accidental Werewolf shall be my holiday read.

    Happy Holidays and thanks for hosting.

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    Seriously, folks: if you have never read her books, don’t just post and say you are going to read one, get out there, get a book and read it!! If you don’t like it, give it away and enlighten someone else’s drab and dreary life!! If you don’t read, get someone to read it to you!
    I don’t want to win one of her books, unless it’s an ARC. LOL Tho, I am a couple behind on the trophy wife series.

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