Review: Heaven’s Spite (Jill Kismet #5) by Lilith Saintcrow

Heaven’s Spite (Jill Kismet #5) by Lilith Saintcrow
 Orbit (Hachette/2010)
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Urban Fantasy
Jill Kismet Series
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When a new hellbreed comes calling, playing nice isn’t an option. Jill Kismet has no choice but to seek treacherous allies – Perry, the devil she knows, and Melisande Belisa, the cunning Sorrows temptress whose true loyalties are unknown.

Kismet knows Perry and Belisa are likely playing for the same thing—her soul. It’s just too bad, because she expects to beat them at their own game. Except their game is vengeance.

Nobody plays vengeance like Kismet. But if the revenge she seeks damns her, her enemies might get her soul after all…

Heaven’s Spite opens with a bang, with Jill chasing down a trader that is set to murder his ex-wife. When Jill gets home, she finds her old nemesis, Pericles, menacing her new apprentice and offering up a “gift”. This gift turns out to be a talisman that was taken from her mentor by a Sorrows temptress named Melisande Belisa. Jill has no idea how Perry got ahold of it, but is determined to find out, and she has no trouble roughing up some Hellbreed to get her way. Meanwhile, Jill is called to the scene of a quadruple homicide, and it’s more than obvious that something otherworldly was involved. Jill isn’t quite sure what’s going on, but this case will stretch her to her limits and beyond, and possibly threaten the one person she holds dear.

I’m a HUGE fan of this series, but I waited a while before starting Heaven’s Spite. I’d heard that it has a hell of a cliffhanger ending, and that’s no lie, so I wanted to wait until the final book in the series, Angel Town, was out before starting this one. I’m really, really glad I did. I’m always eager to jump back into Santa Luz and kick some ass with Jill as she hunts down Hellbreed that aren’t behaving themselves. I’ve never been disappointed once in this series, and Heaven’s Spite is no exception. Lilith Saintcrow has created a dark, seriously gritty, and violent cityscape and more often than not, plops her heroine right down in the middle of the action. In Heaven’s Spite, Jill is torn between finding out an explosive secret about her ex-love and mentor and saving her current love, the werecat Saul. Old heartbreak comes bubbling to the surface and just when she thinks she’s out of Perry’s clutches, he sucks her back in. Jill Kismet is what dark urban fantasy is all about. She busts heads, hardly sleeps, hunts Hellbreed with a vengeance, and takes absolutely no prisoners. Underneath the blood and grit though, is a heart that will tolerate no violence against the innocent, and loves Saul with a passion. It’s this passion that carries Jill through all of the horror that she witnesses on a daily basis. I stayed up very, very late with this one and moved right on to Angel Town. If you like your urban fantasy dark and gritty, with a no holds barred heroine that’s not afraid to get dirty, you’ll love Jill Kismet. This series is a must for any urban fantasy library!


  1. Dark and Gritty UF…sounds up my isle =) And you gave it 4.5 stars, makes me want to go check it out even though I have never heard of it.

    • You’ll definitely want to start with the first in the series. You really can’t go wrong with any of Lilith Saintcrow’s books!

  2. I have her entire Dante Valentine series for $10, but haven’t started it yet. And I believe I have the first book of this series and again, have gotten off track. I think my New Years Revolution should be read books I already own and leave the library and Amazon alone for a while. Yeah, that should be easy LOL! Nonetheless, this series has always sounded badass and this is no exception. I love dark and gritty books with awesome heroines. Again, might move this one up as well LOL! Great review hon, thank you 🙂

  3. I love this author. A while back I got the Dante Valentine series as well in a bundle for my Kindle and read it from page 1 book 1 all the way through. I was so sorry when I was done. Heaven’s Spite sounds like another winner. Thanks for sharing with me today. 🙂

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