Review: Night Mares in the Hamptons (Willow Tate #2) by Celia Jerome

Night Mares in the Hamptons (Willow Tate #2) by Celia Jerome
 DAW (Penguin/May 2011)
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Urban Fantasy
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Graphic novelist Willow Tate is a Visualizer, able to draw images of beings from the realm of Faerie, bringing them from their world to ours in the process. After a ten-foot-tall red troll follows her from Manhattan to Paumanok Harbor in the Hamptons, Willow realizes that many of her relatives and their neighbors possess psychic talents-truth- knowing, scrying, weaving wishes, picking lucky numbers, and more.

So when magic and mayhem return to Paumanok Harbor, and Willow is called upon to rescue the town, she enlists the local talent. Three magical mares are searching the Long Island village for a missing colt, and their distress is causing sleeping nights, bad tempers, and dangerous brawls among the gifted but peculiar residents.

Though the Department of Unexplained Events sends Willow a world-famous horse whisperer, Texan Ty Farraday seems more interested in whispering in her ear than in rescuing the kidnapped colt whose terror only Willy can feel. Even with help, she still has to struggle with snakes, drug dealers, tourists, hidden caves, a mad scientist-and the almost overwhelming distraction of that sexy cowboy…


My favorite graphic novelist and Visualizer, Willow Tate, and her cranky Pomeranian, Little Red, are back in book 2 of Celia Jerome’s charming series! This time, three magical white horses are rampaging through Paumanok Harbor at night, causing its citizens to wreak havoc among one another, and giving Willow dreams of a baby horse that may have been kidnapped for nefarious reasons. When sexy cowboy Ty Farraday arrives in town to help Willow locate the horse, Willow’s hormones start acting up in a big way and sparks most definitely fly.

I really enjoyed Trolls in the Hamptons, the first book in this series, so I was eager to crack open Night Mares. Paumanok Harbor is charming as usual, full of citizens that have certain “special” talents, such as one boy who’s nose runs when someone is lying, and a plumber that uses the water in the drains he fixes as scrying mirrors. Paumanok Harbor really is a character in and of itself, and I just love it more and more as I get further into the series. The handsome Brit Grant, of the DUE (Department of Unexplained Events) who Willow fell for in Trolls is across the world fighting Yetis in the Himalayas, and Willow is seriously doubting her feelings for him. He’s the perfect man, right? And he wants to marry her! If that’s the case, then why is Willow falling hard and fast for Ty Farraday? Let me tell ya, I thought Grant was a hottie, but Ty? Whooooowee!
Here’s a quote from Ty at their first meeting:

“Honey, I’ll stop flirting as soon as I stop breathing. And you are the prettiest sight I’ve seen in ages. Apple pie and whipped cream, with vanilla ice cream on the side.”

See? Hot tamale, huh? Anyway, I digress. Willow must find this little horse to stop the reign of terror that the mares are causing, she’s been asked to teach a drawing class at the local community center, there may be drug smuggling going on, her mother still hasn’t returned from taking care of her dad, and eventually, she’ll have to deal with Grant. Willow’s got her hands full with this one, and of course, all of this just keeps her farther and farther away from her life back in the city. Night Mares was such fun, and it even got me a little teary at one point. I love hanging with Willow and her eccentric family and friends, and you can be sure I’ll be returning to Paumanok Harbor in Fire Works in the Hamptons, the brand new book in the series! If you haven’t discovered this fun, sparkling series, what are you waiting for?


  1. Thanks! I hope you like the rest of the series too.

  2. I believe Ty knows flattery will get you everywhere. LOL

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